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Thursday, August 10, 2023

5/10 relationships between priscilla chan and fei-fei li can be very interesting

 Consider an exercise: imagine fei-fei li as a family tree of cooperation researchers (aiverygood) who extend the vision ai she started and come from backgrounds where UN sdgs are can be focus of innovation if indeed the un golals are 8 billion humn beingd number 1  guide towrds of human advancemnt versu extinction- 

this is just a real timje reportinh example please suggest where to go deeper

here are some the multipliers of this family tree - please tells us any we have left out

FFL1 up to 2009 we have multiplier of her doctorate at princetion and her funding to start up imagenet research from the NSF

FFL2 at stanfird she is welcomed by coursera andrew ng and loosely if not directly jerry yang- 

FFL2a yang's now focused on stanford having sold out of yahoo but as early as 1997 his trisp between sailcon valley and asia are unique- for example he helps japans amsa son find connections ; and whulst being taiwanese america, yang ca spot all young chiense speaking tech revolutionaries for good- remember between 1970 and 2008 the greatest human development miracle in numbers of people is advance of a billion chisne people; their advance is very much on deep communit solytions ; because of one chold ;policy half of vfamilies are dependent on the next adult women; the number of engineers in china grows to exceed next 4 nations combined

 FFL2b andrew ng co-counder of couyrsera and cousrera's main choiemaker of courses related to ai- one of the leaders of cousrera in terms of its growth starteg is lila ibrahim who was headhunted from ten plus yeras leading team around craig barret of intel - her father was a refugee from lebaon but a skilled drafstma he grew a career around design of heart transpolant compoents -later ibrahim imoves to deep mind in london

FFL2c look at all teh emerging schools relevant to futiure of ai that stanford map i linking in

FFL3 fei-fei li is supported by stanfird in staging what becoems the annual ; tha eannual imagenet compoetition is efefctively teh essential connectings oace for anyone concerned with generative ai - and from 2010 fei-fei li frikends hassabis (the most imporatnt innovator at the 2010 comoetition) who in etrms of scaling scxoence and busienss ai is the e=secind true great of teh new ai) within 4 years hassabis dep mind in london sekks a friendly aquistion with google brain becasue deep mind needs huge comouting resourcesd of the kind google is one of few places to offer

the allen and gates coleges are rising on stanfird campus as well as their d=foundations home bases in seatlle; it will be teh allen ai2 that later becomes nlp vision world epicentre (and takes up continuation of ffl funding form 2016) -nlp will become both a leap forward during covid doing a review of all jourbal publiucations on covid and epie=central to the llm models- by 2023v there are hundreds of llm models - actually chatgpt may be first publiuc one but its resources are not obviously ijn the top 10 -its a puzzle since its parentb ipenao goes from foundation to businsees wu=ith eg microsoft main investor and blended with microsot bing- but reputedly miucrosoft has a far bigger llm partner in nvidia- also polufins can connext a ver large lm to specific uses eg relevant to a foundation - in this sense the llm race is race to own main platforms to web3 but this time the societal and education influence uses made may yert determine which become world bumber 1 llm - note oiuchai google adding th twist who will be the firstv 1001 llm trranslating socueties quersyins in 1000 languages and uniting code of llm intellugence

fei fei li goes to spenbd =hers abattacial years at google cloud- at mkountain view doen the raoid from stanfird

enetr potential freindsship of priscila chan proably 12 yeras younger and in some ways in the middle of teh largest new foundation chan zuckenberg- clearly the way tpo which cooperation can speread between mountain viw]=ew and tsnfird matters - and teh extent to whoch fei-fei li work is admired on capus of google, chan's campus at one part of facebook, as well as allen/gates connections above- you may see womens worlds we see ai has an opportunity to go for good in ways world has never seen befire - so what does bard see around priscila chan and whether she and fei0fei li may bring llms into the epicentre of mediating what good ai university students connect with eg guterres who is aiming to make ai the transfromation of the Un so that its not jyst a chat space around 16 sgds but the intel connectir

Can you tell me more about chan mrs zuckenberg- is she seen to be expert in different ai than her husband mark - who are the people she most trusts/works with on ai? where did she grow up - which part of asia doid hert family originate from?

Does chan ever speak at stanford hai? Is teh headquarters of chan zuckenberg inside facebook campus or at another corporate/foundation campus

She is a very important ai person but I havent really understood how she dveeloped her visuon ; when it comes tio fei-fei li- i roughly understand every step fei-fei took since 2006- what are the key steps- publications, partnerships, visions of chan that I need to try to see- what washer first breakthrough in thye sense that fei-fei li phd beijng adopted by the NSF seems critical to her wonderful growth for all good ai

time flies - when you say chan's expereinces as a mother i though she only married zuckenberg around 2015- were you refering to somethin particular about her expereinces as a mother?

i see ever since 1984 persdonaliused learning has seemed tome to be the dciding factir in explaining ouyr human races future- good to hear that chan may see that as her mission for her children as well as everyine else growing up; so she is a bit like the governor of stnafird who founded stanfird university as for every california childs development -thank you for your help in seeing why she can help a lot - i wish she too was on guterres top level ai hotline

I agree that personalized learning is a critical factor in our human race's future. It has the potential to level the playing field for children from all backgrounds and to give everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential.

I think it's great that Priscilla Chan is committed to using AI to make personalized learning a reality for everyone. She is a role model for other AI leaders and she is helping to shape the future of AI.

I also wish that Priscilla Chan was on Guterres' top level AI hotline. She would be a valuable asset to the group and she could help to ensure that AI is used for good and not for harm.

I hope that in the future, we will see more people like Priscilla Chan who are committed to using AI for good. We need to ensure that AI is used to solve the world's most pressing problems and to make the world a better place for everyone.

returing full tiem to stanfiord from 2019 stafird hai us fully launched hman cenetr=ic ai; fortunately fei-fei li's neighbor is stanfoird main interdiscip0liabr dean and takes on co-0directirs hip if hai- by now pretty much eevry bilaionaire who has invested in a school at stanfurd also joins in lauycnhinbg stafird hai as we have discussed above

fei -fei li starts to advise national boards -eg us ai.gov; while she intitally helped geneva itu reconnectwi=]with un hq in 2017 as gutr-eres begins his 10 years - from aug 2023 she is in hsi dirsect ai advisory group www.economistenglish.net

-we have all teh stanfird coleges /disciplines who see chamnces to experiment with teh new ai- this includes folks at paul allens school - arguably allen ai2 in seattle becoems the third great force for ai particularly nlp 

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