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Thursday, August 10, 2023

3/10 1984 vision for personalised learning and millennails as sustainability generation

 !984 was my father's 33rd year of help Economist journalists (and readers) survey future the way he had been trained by Von Neumann and his Princeton NET in 1951. Dad had served as teen navigator allied bomber command burma so he was delighted to be told of the visions and challenges of the era of communiucations times computaional machines which the NET wanted to change from bad past to good futures

To recapt 1865-1945 = communications machines multipying the first century of engineering (this had not gone well spiinng 2 world wars around switzerland and neighbors -its being swiuterlands itu sice 1865 where the world had agreed every update in tele- standrads

1760 galsgow began machines offering power, precision, transportation, 

.- see footnote top 5 concerns of 80 yeras 1945-2025 when economist journalists were briefed to survey what expometial goods (preventing what exp bads) will people unite wherever they get first access to 100+ times more tech per decade

1984 was also the first yeat I joined dad in co-authoring futures starting with 2025 report in different languages. This future history offered ethical and loigical farmes as to why millennials sustainability would depend on tech delivering every mobile human their own skills dashboard and next learning /livelihood selections.

If coms & comps machiens were designed to transform liufeflong elesrning and teaching we couls also change wherever necessary past failings in


national politics


employment -of 4 billion millennial livelihoods- we projected less than quarter would match 20th c jobs - going green, celebrating hujan ai, deepening last mile community building (delivering life critical goals with smart apps)

You can see a summary of 1984's vision here, with this review by former economist science editor here

In one sense, we 8 billion humans of 2023 are miles away from the transformation in education millennials need to be the first sustainable generation ; while i understand criticism that my family was over-optimistic- i would also ask how did we get to stage that 2000 nations promised uniting around 16 vital goals in 2015 with every goal system spinning the opposite way in 2023. Systems are completely broken if parents truly aimed to invest in younger half of world sustainability. And I would also note that Guterres has been doing everything possible to trasnsform UN2 and indeed all paces around learning of all ages- see www.magicspex.com

 in another sense LLMs could get very near indeed if the best ai designers and the world deepest public servants like antonio guterres bainstorm monthly with ecac other from august 2023

your choice whether you play AIgames now. I would particularly appeal to women to play because thyr have been gamechanging innovations in intelligence since 2006 mostly begun by womem nee 4/10 


footnote 5 system changes 1950s NET foresaw as integral to advancing humanity and preventing extinction

beyond carbon energy

seeing why squaring of engineeriung advances ib tech communicatins times revolution of computatioak techn as huge gamble on human/society peacefully mapping unprecedented change but necessary to move forward in uniting peoiles.nations

the long lost of responsibilities of the UN in NY now twinned withy ITU in geneva- contained in 1945's big 8 nations were the seeds of 2 world wards- mainly multilplied out of north south corridor from russia to middle east where places with great engineers had taken over places without;... but these mainly white wars so to speak were prompted by less than 20% of humans with 80% mainly left out of development due to way empires had spun; above all ussr /stalin was the power that disagreed with everyone else in 1945

designing above zrero sum trading maps and valuing wHealth - ie healthy societies generate economic growth not vice versa how the computer and human brain change each other is not to be underestimate 


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