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1951 Wimbledon -at birth less than 2% of peoples time was spent on worldwide communications tech..von neumann had just innovated progammable computers and the japanese were changing quality of electronics, and ... soon satellites and silicon chips rocked the world and space ...- - life spent on global comms has doubled every 7 years (or less) since (weird maths notes) - so what can you linkin 2015now to 2030now;
1972 as i postgraduated in statistics specialised in global vilage communications after a 4 year experiment: UK's predecessor to khan academy ; & dad, Norman Macrae, The Economist's end-poverty mediator, started to quiz every leader under the sun on how to invest in entrepreneurial revolution needed for millennials to sustain planet and every community's peoples..J.W.C.B....Af....Am..Y.P........DaughtersDay.....
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

By 1976 my fathers 2 main social action curricula of entrepreneurial revolution were youth's 3 next billion jobs map
-renew planet, 
renew family, 
infrastructure leapfrog worldwide web of app
 and developing under 30 friendships between chinese women and all other under 30s making up half of the world of 2015-2025 focused on 1% of planet where another half of world's families live.
Jim Yong Kim: Education is a Good Investment in China -
china 2030   - infrastructure bank : china, bangladesh ... enemy isnt other instituitions its poverty!
half of world is aged under 30- everywhere youth's (and sustainability's) second greatest enemy isgraduate unemployment 
what can be done- www.worldclassbrands.tv  www.brac.tv  http://jobenomics.com 
GYcommunity  Open Space China  Techcrunch China

So  when dad knew he was dying of cancer thats what he asked his family and friends to try and action network. Sir Fazle Abed founder of BRAC was the first VIP (Very Involved Poverty)  to commemorate my fathers idea at an event hosted in a safe space for youth (Japan Embassy) in Dhaka in 2012. The ambassador went on to kindly help bangladesh youth hack the belief that brac (with mit coders dubai's legatum and dad's old fried soros cheering on sir fazle abed as his most economic educator of open society) could next build the greatest cashless bank from nothing in under 5 years Home | bKash 

In addition to linking in educators of 3 billion jobs of renewing planet, renewing family, apps for sustainability leapfrogging 
would you consider building best youth friendship between your youth in baltimore and black supercities and female chinese under 30s?

in other words can we Druid Baptists open space/society/source to find out who wants to sustain a sino-baltimore youth friendship society? 

i know the 2 chinese currently in USA most up for that; one is a retired architect living in stanford who has maximised goodwill between chinese education wizards coming over to silicon valley and american creative children movements; stanford is also location of obama's last world entrepreneur summit june 22 to 24 http://www.ges2016.org/

the other a 23 year old chinese girl from mao's state who had never been abroad until she landed on the elipse outside the white house to celebrate the 20th creative children olympiads the week before independence 2015, and then accompanied harrison owen from dc to china to see how he facilitates 5000 peoples goal-most urgent open spaces

AL you know the north korean american (ie jim kim)- my 5 favorite speeches of jim kim
1 all under 35 professionals need to chnage the rules of elder professionals back in line with franciscan's preferential option poor
2 the world bank and china are best friends on supercity/infrastructure design
3 if china will trust a north american korean then his next job is to partner china with future of health services
4  his 2013 contar comigo declaration with pope francis inviting open faith leaders to celebrate communities of hope and love with youth
World Bank Group President Kim and Pope Francis Discuss Mutual Efforts to End Poverty movement likes of which has never been seen before on earth

the good thing about building sino-baltimore friendhsip society of youth is that its not about money; its about blach yellow and white collaboration leadership and multiplying youth trust in social action; 

 it can be done at whatever pace you feel you need for everything else you are doing slow slow quick slow- unless trump becomes president in which case we will need another map

chris macrae
http://economistuniversity.com   mob/text 240 316 8157

Prince Charles Glasgow Dictionary of English 
druid (Old Irish: druĂ­; Welsh: derwydd) was a member of the educated, professional class among the Celtic peoples of Gaul, Britain, Ireland, and possibly elsewhere during the Iron Age....

Economics (Smith 1748, Uni Glasgow)- mediating open modes of designing systems to end poverty, exponentially multiply trust/trade between communities worldwide through families saving up to improve next generations livelihoods

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

i am in london may 23 to 27 -hopefully some good  youth economies news to report

Earlier this month young chinese people and i spent 4 days at www.brac.net with founding family member 
and their 100000 coaches of end poverty 
and designors of leapfrog mobile apps
eg Home | bKash thanks to tech help from MIT and dubai legatum is now world's largest cashless bank
bangladesh innovated the billion person solar model for those off grid 

-dubai would also happily see calcutta-dhaka share a superport corridor this uniting trade of china, bangladesh and east india; hopefully such goal will be announced at or before dubai expo 2020 a major curator of which is dubai's newly appointed 22 year old female minster of youth

BRAC brand essence only ever scaled in the first place (to be what is now 100000 coaches for the poor and internationally best partners such as dads friend george soros) in late 1970s by action learning oral rehydration for every village mother - this changed male perception of purpose of rural women's value- would seem something that all women and peacemakers could support ..
admittedly 120 years too late to prevent james prematire death in calcutta

 Home today daughters of village mothers are the main victims when fashion factories collapse and kill 1000 workers; if my family have any media friends at all we will help china and bangladesh in uniting freedom to produce fashions for the richest -ref 

Sir Fazle Abed (Japan embassy dhaka) and Glasgow University (adam smith scholars and italian principal and sir fazle's alma mater and alma mater of GB envoy to un on education) having been hosts to remembrances parties to father work

we have been asked to write up a positive report and make presentations end of july in dhaka
part 1 back from the future of norman macrae , keynes, bagehot, wilson, smith
part 2 back from the future of how brac and chinese youth can help sustain the half of the population on the 1% of the planet within 3000 miles of beijing
part 3 how this fits if kim leaves world bank in 2017 to help china and s korea with redesigning health services

the government of bangladesh suddenly declared a nationwide elearning platform- fortunately brac who started producing computer assisted learning materials in 2005 is currently the only trusted producer and international hackathon host; it would like to openly invite the best of elearning partnerships around the world in line with my fathers optimism-
if anyone is interested in meeting me or my chinese researcher while we are in town please say 

 thanks chris macrae  washington dc mobile/text 240 316 8157