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Sunday, May 1, 2022


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Incheon Global Campus in Songdo International City
Incheon Global Campus in Songdo International City

[Yonhap News File Photo]

(Incheon = Yonhap News) Reporter Min-jae Shin = Incheon Citizens University is operated at the Incheon Global Campus (IGC), which has formed a comprehensive university by bringing together competitive departments of foreign universities.

The IGC Management Foundation announced on the 14th that the 'Global Citizenship Campus', a lifelong education institution for residents, will be launched this month, hosted by the Asian Campus Consortium of State University of New York Korea, George Mason University Korea, and University of Utah Asia.

At the Global Citizenship Campus, 13 educational courses will be opened, including ▲ Global Citizenship Education ▲ Global Leadership Workshop ▲ American Culture and English Expression ▲ Learning Revolution in the Digital Age.

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