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Sunday, May 22, 2022

In a world of a lot of bad news on purposes of biggest male decision makers - here are some sources of good news that keep me hopeful
rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk what do you link young half of world's hope around?

example of simple missing things- why havent libraries made it easy yo always find the most exciting lectures ever presented locally?- TGM and I would love to see a transcript of the lecture Einstein gave to mainly black students 1946 Lincoln University (but as far as I can see its been lost). Worse there are so many academic people who have prioritised their post 1990s stuff in going digital without taking due care on whole history of places before that. Today we have computers ready to analyse any amount of diverse data but y6jere is no excuse fo0r big western universities have failed local roots they emerged from. Worst of all is covering up what went wrong locally- when people cannot learn from mistakes they soon stop learning altogether 

 As an elder in my 70s, I am ashamed of my generation (myself included). We have abundant technology: four billion brains under 30; four billion over 30 -how can we have gotten on the verge of extinction whether its putin's bombs, or nature's climate or covid or something else which truly scares the community you live in or love most?  My family's and friends' research since my father survived being a teenage navigator  in allied bomber command Burma shows that there has never been more work that the younger half of the world needs to do. The problem is most of this is last mile service work - because thats where all sustainabity crisies begin and end.


In today's hyperconnected world the inadequate metaphor of chaos mathematicians of wings being flapped by an amazon butterfly surely would have been more efficient if storytold as a pandemic (apparently today's crisis encounter with covid is so micro that all the corona virus on earth would fit inside a can of coke). Its not that we havent had over 20 years to tell the story of chaos pandemics - has any american actually forgotten the anthrax crisis after 9/11. I cant forget that as at that time mu daughter was 4.5 years old and was in school in the neighborhood of US National Institute of Health.

Of course there are many different global sector leaders who need to be ESG quizzed- what purpose did their sectir know most about preventing extinction risks round. Back in 2001 I was giving a talk at survive in London where Sir John Banham who had led sustainability at the CBI 1990s was explaining - ethical global leaders would use the agm to announce collaboration across their sector with their greatest compound risk - the exact opposite to externalisation of biggest risk that a dismal species of CEO and media bereft of transparent courage has spun round us all. Nonetheless a special place in blindness must be reserved for those leading education systems when these fail to connect a generation with their biggest need : sustainability.

While individual stories vary, 80 years of research shows white g8 universities started turning against students when Nixon hated student americans but has accelerated with the absolute failure of most top white universities to celebrate with youth the unique opportunity of the worldwide web. While there is much I dont understand about education. My first job in 1973 was with the UK National Development project in Computer based learning project - with Economist and other journalists I am now in my 50 the year of both debating with eg Economist journalists 100 times more tech per decade potential impacts on whole education systems, and as a DAMTP MA in statistics seeing more data than I wish to on who's who of destroying sustainable purposes

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