MOST EXCITING IDEA UNITING 100 UNIVERSITIES STUDENT UNIONS TO SUSTAIN HUMANS MACHINES & MOTHER NATURE Fortunately the worlds great educator sir fazle abed was already making 100 open universities of sustainable his 5th and final decade long mega-project in an extraordinary attempt to marry the women economics maps of ending povert with expanding middle clases with leapfrog tech partnerships that most empower worldwide youth to advance humanity.In 1984 co-authors of The 2025 Report included The Economist's Deputy Editor Norman Macrae. Our purpose to explore the Keynesian logic of why millennials with a trillion times moore tech than the moonshot generation - and urgently needing to be the first sustainability generation - would need a transformation in which education not economics is valued by all as the communal system which advances humanity.In the intervening 37 years, our friends have seen this view become exponentially more urgent - with covid just the most recent signal that humans have not yet applied remarkable technology leaps by von neumann and others in a way that values all lives matter. We do not see the UN's 2020s sdgs decade as just another media game but humanity's last call. Who's purposes with education give us hope in the 2020s of living up to neumanns (to 1957) and kennedy's (to 1963) valuation of youth. Examples:sir fazle abed to 2019 --- continuing fei-fei li in association with we aim to profile the events to link in your millennials be that by zoom or for real:eg yidan dec 2021
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Sunday, January 17, 2021

2021 top challenge university of health

 you have time for a quick zoom on astra zeneca- modi has announced that he's betting india's health on distributing zeneca; it was bracs sir fazle abed who back in the 1980s united with james grant of unicef to do bottom up immunization- not sure who has that knowledge any longer; back in 2005 it was supposed to be in 3 americans minds - jim kim bill gates, george soros friends at columbia health/mailman college; none of the 3 seem to be connected any longer now sir fazle has gone; but maybe sunita knows if there any indians at world bank who can help relink this or geeta may know if london colleges know who else is helping astra zeneca in other countries.. i am putting some notes on this at and

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