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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

 generations of my family know quite a lot about the similarities/differences of oxbridge (ie oxfird and cambridge) and quite a little about camford (eg boston's cambridge and stanfords silicon valley) -- of course like any explorer i would lovce to hear from you if you can guide me to sighting my brain has previously been oblivious too- while i have always been happier questioning than being examined on things (with the exception of pure maths systems maps) i realise i am an extremly blind person in the sense that i only really speak english and html and a few coding languages which are now almost extinct like fortran...

here goes

both oxford and cabridge were very late in offering business schools and to this day dont really practce engineering the way smith/watt started in glasgow 1760s; in fact adam smith compared oxford campus with glasgow- a hopeless place - doesnt value youth experiential learning, designed/finamced for the conveience of professors- ironically while both oxford and camridge claim to be haves for pure science exploration; oxford is connected by the river thames to the city of london and so big finance and big politics, and these days by motorways to centre and north of england- while cambridge's claim to travellers fame was once that you could walk all the way to london on land owned by the royal family and indeed continue your pilgrimage to the church of england's high synod at ely

these days oxford is an epicentre of vaccine pharma because britain's pharma and chemical industries alway located themselves west and north of london whereas the dna of life was open sourced out of cambridge which tended to be where royal socuety od medicine leaders who valued the nhs more than money making congregated

oxford and camridge share two things i loved during the 7 or so years i visited them- union debates where two sides can goto devating war with eaxh ther but afterwards go share a pint- unlike usa students are free to dring from age of 18 which also explanis why college feasts get boozey and the best cellars outside france are in oxbridge colleges- and then there is student-led theatre at least in cambridge where keynes legacy is the arts theatre whih became the footlights space where the pompous bbc was torn to shreds by the likes of moty python ., not the nine oclock news, rowan atkinson and pretty well any culture that has a sense of humor opposite to parliamentary parties

oxbridge also more or less monoplses all schhols curricula, and hiw youth are examined - idf not by being the only certification board then by being the one all teachers are instructed to see as the gold standard

this has particular difficulties on missing curricula likr history og how london colonised so much ofhumanity that world wars became the consequenxe of the first century and a hlaf of man and macines- a consequence which included how the two thirrd of humans living on the continemnt of asia were all but left out of human development until a transformed japan started to help asia rise once freed to do so by ameeicas constructive interventions in japan and south korea of the 1950s;

there is a problem that most of the borser conflicts across asia were drwan in stone by the whire royal empires of britannia, netherlands which sucke in japan from the late 19th c - so while these 3 royal families networks could know much more about conflict resolution acrooss asia from 1950s on, it has been american who have made the miltary decisions which since the death of jfk have not been culturally explicable and probaly driven by 1 owning as much cheap dirty energy trade as possible and playing a game alway 100 times behind von neumanns technolgy against wherever russia next sponsored dictators; strangely americans have never really understook greater india or greater china where half of humans develop lives; they have for example often tarred china with the same communist brush as the evil stalin even though china leapt free of all beief in russia from 1968 if not earlier- interali the cultural revolution was abouth the chinese people discovering the cost of mao's purchase of nuclear tech from russia starved up to 10 of chinese in 1960s; once you understand the chinese collective mindset has been to use engineering and village agriculture to escape all such russian controls, banning your students from studing curriculum of how a billion chiese people led by womens community building end poverty is a stupid or even evil thing for curriculum controlers to do

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