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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

 General 4 — Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age

i am not sure about the depth - early stages- but its wonderful to see this level of academia  doing this openly

if you do see actionable connections please tell me as my statistician friends will be linking in where we can

We are university academics and practitioner-instructors who teach future public servants in schools of public policy and administration from around the world.

We came together via Harvard Kennedy School because we share a concern: our institutions are equipping graduates with industrial-era skills and competencies to solve digital-era problems. We can do better, and we have to do better.

Our core members are:

Chris Allison - Director General, Canada School of Public Service

Dr. Amanda Clarke - Associate Professor, Carleton University

David Eaves - Lecturer of Public Policy, Harvard University

Dr. Tanya Filer - Policy & Research Leader: Digital State, Cambridge University

Dr. Dr. Robert Krimmer, Full Professor, Tallinn University of Technology

Dr. Ines Mergel - Full Professor, University of Konstanz

Dr. Vernie Oliveiro - Civil Service College, Singapore

Tom Steinberg - Co-founder Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School

Sameer Vasta - Lecturer of Digital Government, University of Waterloo

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