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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dear Ben and John and Yuxuan cc jose and ian and matthew

Wolfram*Tsinghua*Kiehl*Quarter of a Billion Chinese Ladies Under 30 - quite an interesting system dynamic to spiral if we can map it sustainably up

I dont know what to say first about honor of being introduced to you

Maybe i could start by what makes john so special to me

he effortlessly, and financialy successfully, bridges the arts (and its mass media) where people/starts only need live in the moment of one world staged moment of success -and so need no maths at all though they are wise if their agent does 

to maths people who often spend their life impoverished by mapping a design which later proves to have extraordinary intergenerational worth (may even save humanity from losing sustainability); my dad norman macrae spent his life after world war 2 as teenager navigating planes over modernday banglades -doing maths at The Economist designed around keynes compound goals of ending poverty and valuing youths livelihoods- by 1975 he was predicting the half bilion youth of china of 2015-2020 would need to be trusted by investors and educatiors to lead worldwide open sopciety solutions of all of sustainability's most urgent collaboration puzzles

I think john (with wolfram -ignorant me until a 5 day mit training session in january sponsored by john and with tech assisatnce from jose marinez i hadnt herad of wolfram!) is also positing that if we linked in the most trusted sorts of mobile apps people we might be able to help half of the world under 30 marry brilliant art and brilliant maths into the networks youth's opportunities most need if education and development are to live up to 21st c sustainability's expoenentials -something the next 10 yeras will irreversibly decide -- if maths of john and I is approximately correct
===================part 2
I had probably the 3rd most exciting moment of my life (#1 birth of daughter #2 meetinghe who openly empowered poorest women to build nation of bangladesh) this week - my first expereince of beijing and being gudied round by yuxuan who translates what its like being a recent  female graduate of tsinghua coming from china's province adjacent to north korea, a young leader of what WISE open elarning networks could do as middle east leaders invite educators and their youth to focus on livelihoods beyond carbon, , a walking tour of beijings mooc building, --yuxuan who next month starts a year as a village chieftan program search out apps with the poorest in a program co-sponsred by yale and jack ma among others

i think chatting with yuxuan in any real or virtual mode may be more urgent than anything i can say but yes please tell us or  any young chinese people with the open tsingua or wolfram mindset who are passing through new york to invite themsleves to have coffee and popcorn with john in his broadway studio-  i wonder how we hub a micro studio of kiehl at tsinghua

and if in addition you have any intros to leaders at MIT to linkin thats the other open space (that I know about) john links in. It turns out that mit coding partnerships with my number 1 hero in all the world sir fazle abed of brac and bkash in bangladeesh are what the front pages of all youth web searches for sustainability needs to be @ 2020..2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 - yuxuan is helping explore this cross-cultural feminine community building puzzle having been to sir fazle 80th birthday celebrations and being introduced to his son who is in charge of all brac's future of youth/girls/sustainability networks

chris macrae  washington dc region text/mobile 240 316 8157
ps 20 years ago in london ian ryder helped set up a club on media experts who wanted to show youth media can help save the world- he had spent much of his career as global brand director for tech companies eg hewlett packard; he's now back in city of london working out where doies trust come back into city of london guilds and what do women who break through the glass ceiling see future of finance and mentoring global youth about- i hope we all bump into ian in a real space some time

whereas a few months ago in wall street thanks to john, china friends and i met camilo and his young co-founder at wall street's imperative fund whose culture is roman and franciscan in all the best end poverty racing senses imaginable and realisable

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