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BEAM ME UP SCOTTIE FROM 75th birthday of UN to low roads of glasgow cop26 and 260 year since glasgow u's smith and watt started up machine era- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk norman macrae foundation year 50 of laureates of entrepreneurial revolution - #1 fazle abed 1.1 1.2 1.3 and billion asian village girls- -dear all 9/22/20 hope you are staying well- do you know your next 6 weeks itinerary yet up to election? -3 revolutionary coalitions changing education emerged in un zooms over last 48 hours- i cant find fazle abed's identity in universities as changemakers which he started in 2011 in any of them-#1 there is wise which the first lady of qatar begun round fazle- its review on edu revolution linking 7 days of zooms from 3 summits since may co-sponsored by salzburg https://www.wise-qatar.org/app/uploads/2020/09/wise_ebook.pdf only has saleh p 196 on primary schools- that may be where he wants to fund from but it misses the uni coalition completely as the fifth wave of abed's 50 years of poverty alleviation empowermment of a billion asian womens sdgs - not one person at top of wise sees brac in universities even though its conference producer comes from abed's benchmark national uni of singapore- #2 then education cannot wait at the gordon brown family still the gateway to adam smith or cop26 have launched connections on refugees future livelihoods between top 30 un and western and dubai expo people- although gordon has always said he learnt most from abed , again abed knowhow left out-#3 perhaps most exciting 24 hours of zooms started with president crow of osun arizona state- they have been hard to follow over 24 hours and many parallel sessions spanish and canadians have left clear invitations on how to join in that i will follow up- if there is anyone doing bux or in your team trying to make sense of these connections pls intro me- back in bangladesh the key may be to get embassies to host abeds future of uni dialogue-it worked in 2012 when all ngos were at great risk because of yunus, but is much more urgent oddly guterres has focused on fintech https://digitalfinancingtaskforce.org/ including a lead bangladesh example - in spite of being connected with jack ma since 2016 guterres hasnt endorsed any edutech debates in a simple way in spite of us all zooming (the chinese led itu in geneva is only just starting a week long zoom on ai for good which might be worth monitoring) - ban ki moons connections with all of above are unknown to me - his events clashed but i feel gca.org isnt really known by new york climate leaders- happy to be wrong- uniting roads to cop26 hasnt been discussed anywhere i have listened into. update dec 2020 undp reports decline in human dev, hopefully collaboration of new unis
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  • ..world class nations and 99 missing curricula- wcn explores how to love each other's poples, lands, cultures, arts? if you believe the most valuable ideas of our human race connect with our species having a future, then we recommend this opening question. sometime in the 2020s humans will be graced the 8th billion girl or boy to be alive at the same time. twill she be free to live a happy and productive life? the answer depEnds on where she is born. if an online quiz randomly gave you a gps lan coordinate- would you quickly be able to discus the greatest threat and opportunity to being born there. you could say this became a core curriculum at the birth of the un san francisco 1945, and that today it is also the core curriculum of humans number 1 sd goal -end poverty. is there a partnership of colleges that studies how educators and students answer this question out of each community ... and is there a mapping curriculum which enables you to crosscheck whether the organisations with access to the world's largest databases are able to linkin to the local question our 8th billion child needs to make here life long quest.

    if this question seems too big, another starting place is to list missing curriculum your nations people are mediating around- for example we find www.39steps.us a wonderful curriculum to spend time on if you live in america...
    back in 1988 when i first started asking how to value nations as the key brands of the sustainability generation- i got some feedback that religions were even bigger- I dont disagree but i feel we the peoples need to take responsibility for hi-trust national boundaries first -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
    future of edu - 1959:: 1986 & now ... breaking 20 dec 2019 - in memory of fazle abed we'd like to ask what if every girl and boy who chooses could be an alumnus of brac uni global universiity of goal 1 end poverty.....................................MORALSENTIMENT marketing year 260- is a new economic world possible beyond the world's largest branded economies? usa china, eu, big tech's california, big banks, big health, big energy:new celebrity clues: tokyo relaunch freedom, happiness and human sustainability with eg reiwa culture, society5.0, big data osaka track, nhk's 500 favorite community stories worldwide....

    Monday, September 10, 2007

    our selections of good bankers : sir fazle abed , muhmmad yunus (below), jack ma, the quadir brothres, and hopefully everyone who links in girlsbeltroad new deve banking may be biassed by the
    84th birthday pesent to Norman Macrae (media's poverty alleviation storyteller)

    someone gave norman macrae an advance copy of mushmmmad yunus' social busainess... it told the story of bangladesh's miraculius dvelopment of the 8th largest population by the world's poorest vilage girls

    4 months later norman's family had sampled 1050 copies of this book - mainly to studnets but also to a few people who had always ebjoyed norman's work eg the then american head of Japan's JICA, and here was yunus being questioned by a 9 year old new yorker from a crowd of over a thousand on which banks had a future months before americabn bad banking was set to trap millennial youth in a decade of lost sustainability jobs oportunties

    as you can see yunus is a great storyteller- like the economist style rule he siplifies and then exagerrates, not the other way round which is the fatal disease of all bad media; in trems of models yunus explained how bangladesh had mapped bottom-up human developmebt by turining most aid into income generating social businebsses and wjere eg secondary scholarships for 12 yera olds gifting not hi-trust loans are appropriate, the process of give dorectly (often known by the coimbersome name of conditional cash transfer); this ensures a donation goes to a specified individual and dor use in aan agrred way - as scholarship for secondary child does

    of course if we ever have enough technology for governments to do big datya small analysis one might have thought the wholly true reason for democracy ( or any public servant ideology) involves this pursuit - whcih girls as the histoirically abused sex need to be the main benefiaciry of

    2005 was the year that any hop that english-speaking aid indytry could sustain the world fatser than big brtother forces destroy it had ended in london7/7 follow up of 9/11

    The year had satted with a danfare- mandela's ;ast vit to london to celebrate the year of end poverty - pretty soon all of britains biggest charities were into funding mode on steroids and the bbcs ideas of celebrtities was to give the fund rauisers fame not the doers on the ground the support they needed; it was blairs torn to goist the g7 which he did out of scoland; alarmed by his disastrous boy wonder support of george bush he planned to deliver the worlds most famjous speech on ending poverty with bus in the fron row required to applaud; instead a london most of whose secutory forces had beenj secnded to gaurd 7 people in gleneagles was struck by 7/7 and one of the few on the ground community builders was among the slaughetred; norman's family went on to smaple 10000 dvds , another 1000 books and over 20000 copies of the journal of social busienss which they arranged for glasgow university scholars and yunus to launch as part of yunus 70th bithdya party; but yubus had made one enmy farr bibber and real than any of the pr platfomrs that used his stirytelling - sheikh hasina whose father had foudned the independent nation of bangladesh when it finally freed itsef from bouble colonistaion first by britain and then by (west) pakistan; which is why thise intersted in turing girls dreamns to be entrepreneurially free and happy need to turn next to the other good bankers norman would have chhered with all his herat (norman dies summer 2010, tqo weeks before being able to clebrate yunus 70th bithday present of the journal of social business