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Monday, September 10, 2007

our selections of good bankers : sir fazle abed , muhmmad yunus (below), jack ma, the quadir brothres, and hopefully everyone who links in girlsbeltroad new deve banking may be biassed by the
84th birthday pesent to Norman Macrae (media's poverty alleviation storyteller)

someone gave norman macrae an advance copy of mushmmmad yunus' social busainess... it told the story of bangladesh's miraculius dvelopment of the 8th largest population by the world's poorest vilage girls

4 months later norman's family had sampled 1050 copies of this book - mainly to studnets but also to a few people who had always ebjoyed norman's work eg the then american head of Japan's JICA, and here was yunus being questioned by a 9 year old new yorker from a crowd of over a thousand on which banks had a future months before americabn bad banking was set to trap millennial youth in a decade of lost sustainability jobs oportunties

as you can see yunus is a great storyteller- like the economist style rule he siplifies and then exagerrates, not the other way round which is the fatal disease of all bad media; in trems of models yunus explained how bangladesh had mapped bottom-up human developmebt by turining most aid into income generating social businebsses and wjere eg secondary scholarships for 12 yera olds gifting not hi-trust loans are appropriate, the process of give dorectly (often known by the coimbersome name of conditional cash transfer); this ensures a donation goes to a specified individual and dor use in aan agrred way - as scholarship for secondary child does

of course if we ever have enough technology for governments to do big datya small analysis one might have thought the wholly true reason for democracy ( or any public servant ideology) involves this pursuit - whcih girls as the histoirically abused sex need to be the main benefiaciry of

2005 was the year that any hop that english-speaking aid indytry could sustain the world fatser than big brtother forces destroy it had ended in london7/7 follow up of 9/11

The year had satted with a danfare- mandela's ;ast vit to london to celebrate the year of end poverty - pretty soon all of britains biggest charities were into funding mode on steroids and the bbcs ideas of celebrtities was to give the fund rauisers fame not the doers on the ground the support they needed; it was blairs torn to goist the g7 which he did out of scoland; alarmed by his disastrous boy wonder support of george bush he planned to deliver the worlds most famjous speech on ending poverty with bus in the fron row required to applaud; instead a london most of whose secutory forces had beenj secnded to gaurd 7 people in gleneagles was struck by 7/7 and one of the few on the ground community builders was among the slaughetred; norman's family went on to smaple 10000 dvds , another 1000 books and over 20000 copies of the journal of social busienss which they arranged for glasgow university scholars and yunus to launch as part of yunus 70th bithdya party; but yubus had made one enmy farr bibber and real than any of the pr platfomrs that used his stirytelling - sheikh hasina whose father had foudned the independent nation of bangladesh when it finally freed itsef from bouble colonistaion first by britain and then by (west) pakistan; which is why thise intersted in turing girls dreamns to be entrepreneurially free and happy need to turn next to the other good bankers norman would have chhered with all his herat (norman dies summer 2010, tqo weeks before being able to clebrate yunus 70th bithday present of the journal of social business

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