Can you help co-create sustainability's 3 billion new jobs? Most exciting times to be alive :Over next decade (three generations – the half of the world aged under 30, their parents and grandparents) determine whether human race is sustainable. Spending 4000+ times more on Communications Technologies than 1946 –as compound consequence of doubling CT spends every 7 years. During first 250 years of industrial revolution started by invention of steam engines in Britain 1712, the opportunity to innovate was unevenly distributed geographically. Some peoples progressed health and wealth over 100 fold, others remained trapped in poverty barely subsisting. By 1960s while some people were racing to the moon, about a third of the world was living in villages with no electricity grids, no roads, no running water, no sanitation systems.


loveq education-IQ,EQ,LQ Ma's 3 metrics of Industrial Rev 1,2,leap 4

Bangladesh how the world’s poorest village women developed this 100+ million nation from the scend year of its birth - more at

How China chose to come out to the world after Nixon’s 1972 visit to China based on the groundwork by Henry Kissinger

Timelines system transformation valuing first 40 years of worldwide web generation - launched & updated 1972 @ The Economist curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution

Sunday, April 24, 2016   urgently believe it is sustainability essential to open space for all youth action networks that value 
  1. job creation for the half of world under 30s, 
  2. action learning sustainability even if this turns education bottom-up and open, 
  3. preferential option poorest girls and the half of the world living within 3000 miles of beijing (on 1% of land)

we do not want to connect those image-ridden leaders who advertise this instead of showing how youth community of 21st c open learning economy can just unite in doing it

we seek being youth number 1 collaboration partner of mostofa has spent 10 years identifying this network as bangladesh's and the world's largest partnership connector of this -brac has converged several markets around valuing youth including mobile leapfrogging innovations the world's largest cashless bank, food security's greatest advances for the poorest infants and mothers, community health networkers built from nothing other than mothers love and the largest non-government interests in education; it uses technology top leapfrog how government sees things anyhow- with partners such as

it is also now 5 years that brac has celebrated this as the value system proposed by the Economist's Entrepreneurial Revolution in 1972 by my father

we see offers like chuck of letting Amy and Amy-Mostofa-Yuxuan co-produce who to celebrate in the asian region as his movement connects round the world with cable tv support from  as 10/10 in helping value youth4empowerment

ironically amy first connected in to the rest of us at 2013 segment of a change the world mooc first rehearsed at new york 92Y where jim kim was challenging young professionals to POP (preferential option poor -something that boston's college ecosystem advances especially out of mit and brigham womens GHDonline); ironically because some of us are alumni of MIT and many of us live in dc region - we want dc-baltimore to be a benchmark of 20 million people's families thriving (the exact system opposite to what DC politics and special interests has turned a blind eye to in the same way that london's parliament of empire was behaving in 1843 when The Economist was founded to change the English constitution)- 

we invite any exponential impact metrics people to check our experience: that the world bank is as yet the wrong side of making kim's wish come true even as franciscan networks led by pope francis have partnered kim since october 2013 and brac's dna originated from paulo freire the franciscan POP  designer of education by and for the poorest

we hope that we convince brac that nobody can unite chinese sustainability youth, franciscan sustainability youth, girl empowerment, black youth empowerment, and all pro-youth and peace-loving faiths like  

we believe that manny/johns global youth music movement is 10/10 for intent though we still dont know how to virally market it

if you have a specific action we can discuss with abed family in demonstrating we value youth collaboration in a way nobody else does, sending in your concept or action statement now is timely

chris macrae norman macrae foundation bethesda MD 240 316 8157

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sunday, April 3, 2016

as naila and I can testify, mostofa YOUth have ten years experience of watching muhammad yunus destroy his dream of linking partnership in trillion dollars of brand equity of sustainable youth including 6 years of destroying his partnership with luther king, rosa parks lawyer fred gray, carter and turner families and 10000 Historically Black Uni students and 15 nobel peace laureates sent by rome -fortunately those who judge a nation by its families wellbeing not by its PR know that yunus was only ever plan B of Bangladesh - within 2 years of the annual microcreditsumit started in 1997 it had become cancerously embedded with all the top-down conflicts dc is so academically and politically supreme at impregnating into anything that seeks to be borderless open and bottom up ; and worse technology had trust had become by 1999 mobilised a very different open source game from that the pre-digital women villagers social network could bowl alone

please dont hesitate now to celebrate BRAC as plan a - the world's number 1 partnership equity in future of sustainable youth

i need you to write to arne duncan- today begins the most urgent week in amy's us life thanks to all her friends meetup at manny's (emmanuel perlman) house 130 east coast time

Norman Macrae Youth Community Search
777 explain that eg continuing 45 years of The Economist search for open education's entrepreneurial revolution my friends and I  rank khan academy (who arne publicly supported against trade union ) as most joyous education happening in us - 

we rank brac as global youths most joyous education happening and  - with you and friends in baltimore potomac and beijing, we are piloting a leaders and youth quest to dhaka (part 1 in 2 weeks) where the second and final run aims to launch microeducationsummit- does he arne want to be briefed before the pilot run- or indeed join in either quest

mostofa i also need you to skype taddy and ask if he's attending the second and final quest - also ask him if baltimore black educator networks reach out to him with their supercity black youth plan will he share his million black youth jobs partners of mandela extranet conscious maharishi and wacky capitalism richard branson's progress 

do these 2 things and then together with sherry tross  friends we will then find a simple way to get jim kim and francsican young professions to link in too including the TEDx poverty 2.1

TEDx WBG: Exploring the theme of ending poverty sir fazle promised to join in if his health keeps up- in spit of 2 years of interviews informally briefed by vatican university, no university leade in usa wants to touch the francisco curriculum of conscious biusienss and bottom up (POP) social professionals

mostofa fail to do this now and you blow everyones diaries

if leadersquest of every bottom up educator we have searched over last decade leading to microeducation summit is one of 7 wonders you and amy can ask sir fazle family about - what are the others

666 do BRAC's family want open space to be a tool every education institute of brac rehearses

555 do they want the formation of best friendships between chinese and bangladeshi youth - how else will climate and refugee crisis of future of bangladesh be resolved

444 does brac with lucknow want to contribute to supercity baltimore's xprize team of learning literacy - literacy was sir fazle's 2nd process after bottom-up disaster relief- how village mothers were empowered to break the cycle of many generations of illiteracy is key to how they developed nation of bangladesh in pre-digital days; it would seem only right they should be integrated into the xprize virtual process of literacy - though please note all of this project deepens on jayfus so the globalyouthcommunity and he need to check whether you can sustain each other.. on tech superteam we also have MIT dean to approach through legatum if sir fazle will phone quadirs so the can meet Kiehl's team and understand coding's mathematica 

333 does brac want to join in late great Kalam and  call to put conscience back into science and aid by ensuring partnerships of the poor in nanotechnology research- a move connected to Fashion for Development  laureates including his in 2014 trying to empower women to take over the UN

and so on - if you havent got 7 - leave the remaining 7 wonders of brac and open education and open society world up to brainstorming between now and second quest- amy's jewish freiends and i are still 2 degrees of separation from getting the healthy triad of soros, paul farmer and sir fazle to work together the way they promised youth at the 20th open society laureates