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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

up to 21st C University determined how peoples spent their time more than any other space?

 In favor of this motion

 The U determines what place see as the summit of youth achievement-the transition to adult soceital and economic responsibility for rest of your life 

- in other words up to age of 21 (for the few privileged to last in education to be undergraduates) or further doctorates its universities who examine how both children and teachers spend their time; 


so when the united nations says (DIGITAL COOPERATION how under 30s time is spent on learing /doing ) one of the top 9 ways to design gov2.0 for youth to be first sustainability generation. BUT UN23 adds a second transformation piece - Digital Capacit Building - in essence this is how / waht the older half of teh world learn or unlearn as we need to innovate futures different from wars, destroying climate, not having mapped how to prevent plagues etc

so we prppose future of university as one of top 10 debates of can humans alive in the 2020s prevent extinction - if this debate interests you please send us bookmarks etc to where its being oipenly and entrepreneurially debated; and how you make syre younger half of the worldf have at least half of voice in this and are not put in debt to play

GAME OF UN2 - as part of www.sdgs.games declared in 2015 the game of type 2 UN or of type 2 public service amywjere is barely 7 years old- eg we're just enetreing primary learning curves but eqwually according to the sdg generations its already half rime in 2023 to be desigining 2030s world of millennaisla s first sustainability generation

so what future of university is/does seems like a question every parent and every clhild needs to be representedf in mediating

yoiu may want to know who were the first 7 people to start un2 digital roadmapping; I was at the UN NY event where this was first ever mentioned - so it is clear to me that fazle abed and 6 people who had found his work helped solve their most urgent innovations for humanity were the orgin ; the other 6 being

jim kim especialy concerened with health and wporld banking and with his korean friend bank ki moon youth; in 2016 Un kim weas sittong next to another friend jack ma - see footnote

the nbest day kim started uiteing ma and un deneva by meeting Kenyan Kituyi- how=me of 3 un knowhow netrs - all tech wizardry itu, all health WHO and euqitable world trade mapping - Kituyi's responsibility at UNCTAD - all of tehse 3 geneva networs g=had been born in 1945 as twons of the NY polich hq of uniting nations 

soon kituyi had linledin houlin zhao who was now leading tech wizards at ITU after 20 yeras as staffer there

and when refugees servant engineer, former lkeader of portuf=gal became Un leader - nayrally this co-creation netwirk became one of his solution specaes for his dercade of leadershop

jack ma- since 1995 ma had been helping peopeld anywhere debate do we want to be amazoned- stanfird;s jerry yang , softbanks leader and others helped him animate this debate; it was useful that until the age of 30 he had been the most popular english tecaher in the word numerically (when he was a 11 yeras old a geography teacher had told jack hangzhou is a lucky place - we dont yet have good printed maps of the world but we are designated as one of china's first tourist centres) - so jack spent more time learning english and tour guiding that other school activities; by accident in 1995 he was sent to seattle his first western trip on a translation job- and saw the launch of amazon; this ws 10 yeras before china had web technolgy or trains ceiss-crossing teyh content- so unlike bezo ma and parners from east to west had 10 yera to discuss how t design 




jack had bumped into jim kim wanting to help with elath and education - jack had by 2014 better staistical methods for anaysing community data tah anyone- he todl jim kim how to do this and although jack never saw any of teh world banks dats, he had helped kim bting human ai to world banking; jack had also spent a lot of tiem stidying bngaldesh's women empowerment models ; so by 2015 he was working out how to beceome a valued partner in www.bkash.com what has become teh world's larest cashless bnk map in population terms and has since 2019 been core to the nobel ecvonomics prize awarded through MIT poverty lab mainly sponsored by ad=bdul latif toyotia's middle east franchise- I say this vbecause the deepest povert ending dta and solutions need to be borerelss as deep as games narure plays with diversity and her expectation of how parents help chuldren grw up

gayes foundfation was also in the midfdle of both bkash and celebrating with jik kim fazle abed as deep helath service designer since 2003; a knowledge network he had originlly co-designed with unicef's james grannt aroundf 1980 as well as sharing ideas with chinas barfeoot doctors networks who hd become integrated with the start of choens xapitalims- chian only started choose=img what enetrepreneurs could have a busienss licenece in 1976 - firty=unately small enetreprises of food and health services were the sould of china's birth of capitalism; I try to recound these stiries as an ordinary human being - celebrating communities leap fowards especially in the sceond half of the 20th centyry needs to come from everywhere if there is any point in designing worldwide webs- since our 1984 book 2025report which sumarised first 33 yeras of vn neumann's survey he gave to my father in 1951 what goods will peoples unite with 100 times more tech

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