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Monday, October 17, 2022

Dear #BR6 Lunchclub Friends

 since lunchclub chat I have done a lot of work on 2 things

 https://www.un.org/techenvoy/content/ongoing-work  I think I am  one of the few people in the world to have tracked how education system changers in 2016 have now become pivotal to all of UN2 roadmapping- fortunately I was at the live un meeting where this all started and became a game of wakomo between un ny and geneva avoiding eg the man made disasters of trump  - by the way the 22 year learning curve of jack ma from 1995 was interesting until trudeau ended it in 2017 gateway2017 toronto - Google Search  - i have no view of any political party but just saying trudeau breached a very low moment in helping youth cooperate (and personally I was happy for the first time on hong kong last week to see alumni of jma are miles ahead on linking in young rofessionals to good good crypto futures)

   and the nature made disaster of covid  - by 2018 us leaders valuing young professional most help geneva co-steage the first aiforgood summit- canadians may be interested because it relied heavily on steve's networks Stephen Ibaraki: Interviews with leading business and IT experts

there is a problem in un use of aiforgood - it means ai (alumni of neumann 100 times more tech per decade eg moores law) for way above zero sum market exchanges such as education can be - it does not mean ethical ai as such which is already covered in the 4 values box of the original charter; in any event the 19 xprizes joined in co-staging this event and it is their energy which has added the year round; of course as a statistician without knowing what data you are really looking at  competition SDG Metaverse Prize -  (all this prize asks you to do to join is find at least one other team member - choose the sdg you most passionately want to storytell- start designing a web3 viral story (if the last part is hard no woriies plenty of mentors) what nice about this design is it will collect many hundred entries by each of the 17 goals whoi can then continue to engage in every sdg movement around the Un

when you then add in pro-youth funding by dao or any means you begin to see the Japan integrated 14 un colleges and unga improved science dialogues last month;  all its tech connections as the largest cooperation ever linking in young professionals - I went to bangladesh 16 times because the original idea of new universities sharing their female young professionals where driven by sdgs started up in 2001 and remains connected by those who empowered asian village womens networking leapfrog platforms since 1996

so i guess those in universities or relying on alumni network have a choice - do you want your graduates over next 12 years to meta- help un and first sustainability generation, or be left on the side

back in 1984 dad and my book on 40 years to 2025 report predicted need for crypto be invented to find dao communities; we timed that as 2005-2008 innovation by a taiwanese postmaster-  not that far from reality if some rumors about satoshi are correct

anyway I have been following 5 most exciting education or pro youth daos that I can find - out of hong kong which I spent a great week in last week and out of new york -see friends at Ed3 Unconference | Ed3DAO

If i can help you connect with pro=youth daos or vice versa please contact me any time
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