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Friday, June 11, 2021

 adding to the Q&A 3 louise richardson is arguably more connected than any european with last best chance of youth futures 2021 - supporting 360 degree edu research, mixing irish and scottish worldwide networks even more than irish biden alumni can in glasgow, valuing womens empowerment, potentially helping develop turing scholars now brexit has thrown uk scholars out of erasmus; i had problems with platforms sound and there was almost nothing developed in the networking space; its a pity the doctorate day has been hard to access globally; i wish each yidan event would include 5 minute summary on what the new event added to abed's 6 by 6 networks through which education -not economics- multiplies practices of all of sdgs1-5 as well as mapping back tech for all sdgs- abed's  final education-legacy framework through 2010s 100 universities sharing their educational alumni and solutions offers simple way to massively open online cooperation so youth can actively be first sdg generation and humanise AI; the unesco keynote was the only disappointment - there are 30 YEAR lessons from mit media lab 100$ laptop but opposite to his; its very important that oxford, mit and chinese diaspora leap beyond the broken silos designed into empire education; Unesco hosted a great ai-edu summit in 2020 -pity that viwpoint excluded;  regarding celebrating  edu abed's main lesson- education is not a linear process; poorest women are abused most by those who perpetuate system of child's chance to develop brain is ended once they fail one standard examination chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk thanks to charles luminaries and his youth team in hong kong - for all the hope they share

Dear christopher ,

The Yidan Prize Conference Organising Committee would like to say a huge thank you for attending our event two weeks ago and for your enthusiasm in engaging with our speakers and panellists. Whilst virtual conferences are never the same as face-to-face ones, we hope you were able to benefit from our sessions and take away some insights about innovation in education.


Your experience means a lot to us

We have created a feedback form for you to complete. We value your opinion to ensure that we build on the success of this conference. Your views are highly appreciated. All responses will be anonymous.


Re-watch the conference anytime

All recordings of the presentations are now uploaded to the Yidan Prize Foundation website.


Stay-tuned for the next conference

Finally, we would like to bring your attention to the Yidan Prize Foundation webpage  which will be updated in due course with details of the next conference. Please keep an eye out on this page as we will be posting announcements from time to time.


Thank you once again for your support. Wishing you all the best for the future!


Best wishes,

The Yidan Prize Conference Organising Committee

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