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Sunday, December 29, 2019

mapping future herstory/history of world class nations

One of the paradoxes of human evolution - at least as the english langiage records it - : we probably started in africa and around the med sea belt road

 -plot for example the egyptian, muslim/ottoman, greek and roman empires- and their relationship to the land bridge we now call the middle east- walk south west from the middle east mediterranean from eg bethlehem and you will get to africa; walk north and west and o0nce you have passed through asian turkey you will get to southern europe ncluding
 greece and italy
Golden Rule Chronology if we rewind humanity to when the greek empire was strongest it may have evolved religious homage to many olympian gods in direction of golden rule religion

eventually- the romans took over and as far as the western europe is concerned - took over much of europe by foot, provided an alphabet that was 25 letters complete, added the birth of Jesus to golden rule religion -christianity
the roman journest west and north of italy built roads far and wide through the continent -and over to the british isles- after first invading britain in 55 bc, decided under emperor hadrian that scotland was too far to go and built a wall there...this was also the time the empire started to contract- 

meanwhile back in the middle east, arabian muslim movement were soon to grow around their own prophet on earth

- if we jump forward to marco polo's or st francis time -something amazing had happened- a pedestrian world trade route stretched all the way from the middle east med sea coastal belt overland to china- a huge relay across inland regional communities (often a full 10 degrees north of asian coastline where it runs close to latitude 20- for the trade to flow overland at the speed of yak neighbors cultures had to adapt to each other without borders-
 it seems that one reason why europe and middle east worked so hard to trade with the far east was this was the home of spices many of which were regarded as the medicines of their day and wer light enough to act like a win-win currency - the further you distributed it the more it was worth.So there;s teh old world approaching 1500- the east had never been designed around golden rule religions- instead organic consicousness movement united south asia china korea  and japan-just like the western end of the silk riad had its bay area so did the easter end; being on these 2 one of these coast lines was probably the greatest place to design win-win trades out of- we know the venetians in particular had regained being the centre of european civilisation

Ironically nearly 8 centuries after Marco Polo's role as mayor of hangzhou, a citizen of this town by te name of jack ma remembered the importance of conccious neighbors in mapping world trade - note how one of the 2 greatest market makers the world has ever seen -see bezos and ma- followed up his branding of oriental ecommerce as alibaba with oriental ai scholars networks called DAMO

but what happened next was mainly north europe discovered royd the workd vogaes- the enw world to the est o0f amnerica, and circukmnavigating afri9ca to reach asia- boats nbeeded to be bigger and arjmed to win this race- while the italians concentrated on teh med sea the big game had chnaged to whomever had teh biggest mercantile force to develop the new world to0 te west and staging posts all along the south asian caostral belt to wherever spices of different soirts grew most

wile tehre were many battoles on teh way te 1% og people who lived in britan proved most efficient - in the early 1600 they added a j to the alphabet whi9ch to this day has 26 charctres - english became thye oredominat language, to the extent that thyere was a world trade monetart6 curreny it was the pound (newton had replaced teh silver standard with the gold standard), spices were wtill teir own currency. the brit sleaped fiwrad in oublishing science and bt 1760 amazingly the british colony of scotkand started upo bot teh futuresof eninbes japes watt and teh future of maoral markets adam smith-that was 170s that was- smith next book passinately demanded that britain see that america was multiplying a far loarger emigrant population on a contental scake hundres of tiems larger than Britannia's island - instead of trying to rule usa why not design win-0win free trades. London did not understand smithsian economics with teh result that america decared independence in 1776 - and for thye next 100 yeras americans focused on developing theor own continet while britain got on with extending beywond indiua to trying to cintrol trade with china and demanding opium be a curency. By 1914 the majoreity of humans who lived on teh asian contientb were traopoed in pverty mainly because britain's colonia rule made the caostal belt the dominant world trade route and one wehere britain extracted what it wanted from eastern countrries. To somne extent other wetser europ empires did likewise. In any event by 1914 1nnd the again in 1939 - the whole model of mercantile colonial was cola[sing . Nations all areound teh world wanted to ruloe temselves. America had twice intervened to save tyhe old world fr5om war. The dollar beceme the workds great trading currency. The nations of ethw orld met at sab frakjciscao 1945- so what happened next is bot the most important geonomic mapping exercise for undersranding tiday's sustainabiloiuty goalo race - and can in iur view be understood by emploring 4 win-win technolgies that emnerged between 1945-1960: on the ground rice secince and other solutions or rural keynsiansim making rural communiteis self sufficients- out of nthe easst's most powerful island japan better eneginnering of deming - and then the 2 hi-tech races into space including satellite communicatiosn nwhich oen day would end teh cosdt of distance as a way og knowledge networking, and computing brainpower whose inventir vin neuman  died early becasusde of cancer but whose unprecdent value multipliers were decalred by alumni of gordin moore to multiply 100 times more analytical power every decade from 1965 to 20205 -tahts a trullion tiems moore

with all those technologies would it be possihle to design a world in which each next girl or boy born had a safe happy and productive opportunity for life. Why should that be difficult as long as we shared correct information on helping each others people do what nature gave them the most diversse advantages to do and as long as the new codes we medited found ways to bridge all the old cultures languages faiths...?

normanmacrae.netyou can explore 30 years of surveys aiming to love each others cultures -a swell as children - in The Economist starting in 1962 

...with the japan rising  world epicentre of deming's better qualily engines which as well as more relaible vehicke started up suoer trains 100 tiem more efficient containerv ports, various sorts of machines ofr excavating and building suoercities as well as smart manufactirer of microelectonicsd

who was norman macrae in the line of disapora scots back to james wilson foounder f teh economist 1843 and adam smith 1760, how did diaspora scots system thinking compare with the great maths guys einsteain and von  neumann, the great justice mahatma gandhi, and the world's oner and only pro-youth economist maynard keynes - read last chpater of general theiry of money, interest and employment ebfire you listen to another nighloy news economics correspondent -let alone ebefore any election of the era of a trillion tiems moore machine brainpower. Old politicains shorting at each other every day out of congresses are about as unseful to your places future as king canute unloess tehy modestly ask bot h hi-ytech youth and hi-triust youth to guide the through world reocrd jobs creatirs and not one dimensional political arguments however vakuid thi9s may have been i9n the days when the fastest a medssage couold be transitted was by stagecoach and when law by gun ujsually precded law by bjustice if endeed njusti9cees never caught up with the most diverse local nuances that antuyre;s eveoilutionary rules will always command

FULL CIRCLE -dads last days as teen navigated airplanes over modernday Myanmar & Bangladesh
before my father Norman Macrae from The Economist - died aged 86 in 2010 headvised family and friends to maximise connections with fazle abed of brac (also george soros 20th open society laureate)- last week sir fazle died- i am wondering how do under 30s maximise sdgs next;  sir fazle's last briefing to me involved maximising partnerships with brac university - is that one of the connections open society leaders are linking in or which colleges do you see as most open as the 2020s converges all the technologies my father's sustainability timelines mapped

new 2020s to all
 - join us in playing the game of supercityuni consequences - what if each city's favorite sdg daughter or son linked in:
so gordon brown could link an scotland's own adam smith scholars
dhaka sir fazle abed scholars
jack ma hangzhou scholars and with mayor of tokyo - next olympics cities scholars - eg the mayor of beijing winter olympics 2022 is former president of tsinghua and co-founder of the scwharzman scholars that links in boston mit yale oxford ...

where might you pick supercity fans of youth as the sdg generation:
more choices from education commission here
more choices from GAMES of worldrecordjobs.com here
more choices from schwarzman scholars here
more choices from jack ma's humans AI research networks here
you tell us where you pick sdg teams from 

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