future of edu - 1959:: 1986 & now ... breaking 20 dec 2019 - in memory of fazle abed we'd like to ask what if every girl and boy who chooses could be an alumnus of brac uni global universiity of goal 1 end poverty..MORALSENTIMENT marketing year 260- is a new economic world possible beyond the world's largest branded economies week 1 -2020- trump's usa, jinping's china, bureaucrats eu, abe's japan, big tech's california, big banks, big health, big energy,

clues from 81ways.com can tokyo relaunch freedom, happiness and human sustainability with the olympics economistarts eg reiwa culture society5.0 big data osaka track, nhk's 500 favorite community stories worldwide
...Ma 1 (Jack) returned to full time education sept 2019, Ma 2 (Pony) is linked by co-founder who hosts the education laureates out of Hong Kong.
which events of world class nations and supercities do you linkin &A welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk +1 240 316 8157 : Can you help girls co-create sustainability's 3 billion new jobs: renew every community, renew planet, humanise exponential impacts of 1000 times more commnstech than 1946 ? Most exciting times to be alive : Over next decade (3 generations – half of world being girls & boys under 30, their parents and grandparents) will determine whether human race is sustainable.
Do you see why education must change way beyond 300 hundred old classrooms to empower girls to explore far more than history can examine? NB by 1969 about 12 times more comstech had led a small network of men to race to the moon while almost half of girls were too poor to have access to electricity grids let alone any progress of 250 years of Industrial Revolution. Inspired by miraculous developments in China and Bangladesh, GirlsBeltRoad invites every community to celebrate going beyond win-lose era of colonisation and carbonisation. Diarise sustainability's urgent search for world record jobs creators; empower girls to lift up half the sky by transforming orbits of education and economies back to celebrating sutsainability of everyone. Recommendation listen to why China's richjest technologist values LoveQ then dare to play the WRJC game of fives with everyone you network with. Girls stories of goodwill's 7 social wonders in on : bankers, food workers, health servants, educators, hi-trust media designers, disaster relief connectors, public service. welcome to EconomistUniversity.com and EconomistLearning.com

Sunday, December 29, 2019

FULL CIRCLE -dads last days as teen navigated airplanes over modernday Myanmar & Bangladesh
before my father Norman Macrae from The Economist - died aged 86 in 2010 headvised family and friends to maximise connections with fazle abed of brac (also george soros 20th open society laureate)- last week sir fazle died- i am wondering how do under 30s maximise sdgs next;  sir fazle's last briefing to me involved maximising partnerships with brac university - is that one of the connections open society leaders are linking in or which colleges do you see as most open as the 2020s converges all the technologies my father's sustainability timelines mapped

new 2020s to all
 - join us in playing the game of supercityuni consequences - what if each city's favorite sdg daughter or son linked in:
so gordon brown could link an scotland's own adam smith scholars
dhaka sir fazle abed scholars
jack ma hangzhou scholars and with mayor of tokyo - next olympics cities scholars - eg the mayor of beijing winter olympics 2022 is former president of tsinghua and co-founder of the scwharzman scholars that links in boston mit yale oxford ...

where might you pick supercity fans of youth as the sdg generation:
more choices from education commission here
more choices from GAMES of worldrecordjobs.com here
more choices from schwarzman scholars here
more choices from jack ma's humans AI research networks here
you tell us where you pick sdg teams from 

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