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    which events of world class nations and supercities do you linkin &A welcome +1 240 316 8157 : Can you help girls co-create sustainability's 3 billion new jobs: renew every community, renew planet, humanise exponential impacts of 1000 times more commnstech than 1946 ? Most exciting times to be alive : Over next decade (3 generations – half of world being girls & boys under 30, their parents and grandparents) will determine whether human race is sustainable.
    Do you see why education must change way beyond 300 hundred old classrooms to empower girls to explore far more than history can examine? NB by 1969 about 12 times more comstech had led a small network of men to race to the moon while almost half of girls were too poor to have access to electricity grids let alone any progress of 250 years of Industrial Revolution. Inspired by miraculous developments in China and Bangladesh, GirlsBeltRoad invites every community to celebrate going beyond win-lose era of colonisation and carbonisation. Diarise sustainability's urgent search for world record jobs creators; empower girls to lift up half the sky by transforming orbits of education and economies back to celebrating sutsainability of everyone. Recommendation listen to why China's richjest technologist values LoveQ then dare to play the WRJC game of fives with everyone you network with. Girls stories of goodwill's 7 social wonders in on : bankers, food workers, health servants, educators, hi-trust media designers, disaster relief connectors, public service. welcome to and

    Wednesday, October 30, 2019

    checklist ways for finding/mapping transformational education systems?
    i want to publish a short a leaflet on this topic before a visit to hong kong at end of november mainly to celebrate fazle abed (brac) award by ten cent co-founder

    I am in new york at start of next week but can bus up from DC any time

    i find japan english channel tv wonderful- there is at least one education transformation case per week- hopefully teams around jack ma and ban ki moon who have a lot invested in japans olympics year are linking in to nhk's unusual mode of journalism; additionally as far as i can see the most exciting innovations in humanising Artificial Intelligence in 3G-4G decades linked in Japanese and Taiwan-American approaches which are now being embedded into oriental approaches to digital money and radically new global scholars alumni networks

    today Changing Education - Her Story - TV | NHK WORLD-JAPAN Live & Programs design for change first 9 years in taiwan imported from its founder in india global movement of children driving change in their own communities by unleashing their 'I CAN' superpower.     -it experiments with  how a classroom can innovate 4 positive emotion energies :
    feel *imagine* do* share
    achievements include 3rd grade textbook on using the method in social studies
    helping a taiwan aborigine group save their oral language
    liberating an IT startup R&D

    where can scalable processes link together process- eg dubai's (india born) billionaire varkey arranges a summit celebrating top 50 innovative teachers per year but as far as i know the UN does not tap into this in a systemic way- although it was rumored that #DigitalCooperation UN research at Unctad chose not to debate this at the same time as climate over 30 years now my family has worked on stories that : education transformation, not economics, is systemically integral to growing every place's sustainability generation

    I understand our journalism comes from outside the education hierarchy but back in 1760! when 2 people at glasgow university started writing up the future of economics (Adam Smith) and engineering and AI (James Watt) their goal was to go beyond the empire standardised examination system which never celebrated youth creativity; 

    I also note that before fazle abed's dedication since 1970 to action learning ends poverty he had studied ship engineering at glasgow university and being national ceo for shell multinational- contextually its clear to me that this unusual background is part of how he (with unicef james grants support in 1980s) linkedin the world largest ngo partnership around valuing the future of the world's poorest girls starting with innovating peer to peer village health service curricula

    all the best chris macrae  mobile / whats app +1 240 316 8157 Bethesda MD

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