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Tuesday, October 29, 2019


baidu is a complex company for western analysts

those who call it china's google are misleading even though its by7 far the largest search usable in china

it turns out that a dominant search companies have at least 2 edges on every other internet company

a huge database on searches which also in a mobile age tags location and other user id- few sources will ever collect big data like the umber 1 search- what6 are the variable big data applications in an era when machine intelligence has billion times more analytic power than a human brain

business R&D opportunities that cant lead a market without search or related tools such as world's fastest computers

although some baidu R&d networks eg tesing slef-driving cars are similar between google and baidu - others are diffeernt - eg baidu has the contract to be the digital supplier to china's newest city

baidu is also historically the biggest of china's internet ecosystems based in beijing

compared with the other founders of bat , robin li worked in america for many years

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