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Wednesday, October 31, 1984

Value multipliers of places, girls and boys

breaking 20 dec 2019 - in memory of fazle abed we'd like to ask what if every girl and boy who chooses could be an alumnus of brac uni global universiity of goal 1 end poverty

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What makes a nation great in the 21st century?
A place where people and their children sustain growth personally and help other peoples and places grow?
A place where safety resonates confidence individually (particularly for the fairer sex) and interpersonally from early childhood upwards
A place which gives everyone including those born poorest a fair chance at a purposeful and happy life
A place that values entrepreneurs who help the nation live being the change- either change whose acceleration is unstoppable (various technologies) or that needs to be unstoppably linked in - eg going green and valuing what resources women and parents to thrive as much as paper money used by men and others who are so driven by monetisation or media fame that the essential human experience of nurturing child or children is not in their everydat playbook

Let's explore how different this may be from history's application of greatness to nations. For example, do you and I dare find the courage to understand te evil and sadness that mercantile colonial empires spread. Through slavery and other means they that spiralled bigger and bigger over 4 centuries climaxing in two world wars erected borders and inequality all over the world that it has been humans main cooperation challenge to reconcile since 1946.

There is still so much work for our youth to do. They are having to mediate a "death of distance" age where thousands time more communications technology than 1946 is spiralling universal connectivity in the digital world while many neighboring nations are still trapped in not knowing how to positively translate each others cultures or naturally most diverse positives.

Back when it was clear man would reach the moon my father asked anyone who read his work at The Economist to explore dealt of distance. What he meant was: as satellite communications technologies accelerated distance which had been the greatest cost of sharing things would become virtually costless in both sharing knowhow and mobilising applications

In digital new new world, most alumni of my father cite singapore as a great nation. Today its geographical location might make its positioning as win-win trading';s greatest island superport obvious. What Lee Kuan Yew needed to do to build singapore was by no means obvious (or part of any advertising age economics ) playbook. His peoples livelihood education and cross cultural safety was everything to Lee. Singapore not only hubbed the greatest small nation startup of Lee's generation but it became a beacon of multiplying cultural diversity positively across every country proud tgo call itself Asean. We know this from a trilogy of fascinatin  books by Mahbubani.

And one of the most hopeful opportunities in the troubled region westerners call the middle east9 (but which might be more logically viewed by a Eurasian mapmaker as West Asia_ is how Dubai's great leaders have adapted Singapore's playbook. Dubai isnt an island but it is surrounded by desert again making it born to be a small nation in population size. So small nations (in population size less than one thousandth of our human race) can and must be able to be great nations if the 21st century be the one that extinguishes our species.
grounded theory gt)
This method is used when people dare to question- maybe we have completely misunderstood something deeply human, lets start again assuming we know nothing about a specific context. One of the first application in mid 20th century applied gt to people spending their last days on earth in hospices. Socially speaking hat did these want most from their last days of life? Conventional wisdom was that they wanted extreme privacy - grounded theory revealed the opposite.

Grounded theory can also be thought of as a game any two people can play and co-create with. Today you may use it if you really want to be a valuable social mediator. Here's how you do it. Two people start interviewing each other. After I have a couple of page of notes on a subject you have most expertise in I ask for a timeout. I use a highlight pen to detect say 3 things you said that most surprised me- that were the most opposite to what I had ever heard before. You now let me start questioning specifically on these surprises. You can repeat the process as many time as you like. Or you can ask other pairs of learners and experts to do the exercise and then share each others explorations. Notice what happens as grounded theory breathes innovation all around you and your peer network. You start freeing yourself of conventional wisdom from days of yore. Elders may indeed have described an optimal system across a continent when the fastest way to move around lierally depended on the power of horses. To think that a great and big nation of the 21st century can empower its people entrepreneurial capacities by being chained to such a top down constitution is likely to result in using digital to make big media ever more fake.

As a statistician concerned with valuing world class media, I have had opportunities to work on innovation in large companies or big governments like the European Union. Some clients have specifically told us not to include grounded theory in projects. Clients who do ban it are neither the socially innovative ones nor the entrepreneurially revolutionary ones (a term coined by my father in The Economist in 1968). Father after navigating airplanes in world war 2 over modernday Bangladesh and Myanmar was in the last class to be tutored by Keynes. It was natiural dor dad to value epace more than any other media economist of his era. And coming from a family gtree of diaspora scots who had worked withe intriguing people like Mahatma Gandhi, my father valued livelihhod creation, small enterprsie networking, dee[ply diverse communities as much as he did the search for what nations need to facilaite to give all of their people a fair chnace a t living a greatly useful life

I love grounded theory becasue a child can try it out as soon as she is capable of inteviewing and listening to another person. Its something she can try first in a real community,  locally, safely - before she wechats or emails or enter any virtual world of expression.

gt is also a demonstration of  what mathematician Turing called recursion - quite simply how we humans can always stay a step ahead of the so-called ariifcial intelligences. This is a topic we will return to in the next chapter - if we bother to look at the simplest findings of mathematican greats like einsteain, von neumann, and turing, and purposeful human market's greats like keynes and adam smith, then almost every positive scenario science fiction writers have ever dreamed of can beam me and you up above the clouds be they amazon's or alibaba's , bet they erickkson or huanweis, be they google of baidus, be they xaiomi's or apples, be they tencents or facebooks. Lets take back our open spaces on earth as well as in space. Safety in a world of thousands of times more communictauons tech than 1946 is as much a local responsibility as it is a global one; it will require a marriage of human and artificial intelligences.  In 2017 the UNited Nations sgtarted being lectired to on these urgent concerns by Robots like sophia who will meet in the next chapter but you can bing at hanson sophia who has so far proved to be  at her most curious in demanding womens rights when she encounters a robot called einstein.!

We have already seen that celebration of a post-colonial age permits xmall nations like Singapore to linkin knowledge (quite literally be free to apply "grounded theory" co-creativity) and design hubs that people in ivory tower academia of old big nations are not free or funded to spend time on.

A natural question becomes- how can nations that are big need to be great for their millennials and elder generations. Bigness typically means living on a big continent (including the old world of Eurasia and Africa or the new world of the Americas) and having at least one of these 3 dynamics:

  • large population - starting with the two largest each with a fifth of all human beings China and India (S Asian Coast)
  • large amount land
  • large amount of financial wealth

Here are 3 questions that every teacher of geography, history, economics , languages and cultures needs to help children play whilst seeing that today you dont need to be a navigator of airplane to google map or enjoy 3d virtual exploration of anyhwere on the planet

  1. Which is the superport that my community has access to (this question maters because over 90% of the world's trade of things is shipped). If you nation kis landlocked or small but not on a leading world trade route, it is going to need good neighborly relations to share a superport
  2. What grid maps across out continent maximising trade, energies, waters and people movement ecologically/renewably as well as so my family has a positive income.
  3.  Across this mastergrid- map railRoads before you map car Roads or airports.Next: map such pipes as are needed for energy , water and telecoms to flow.

In a world where digital technologies make the ;potential of human knowhow free to connect anyone and anyone, failure of physical infrastructure to cooperatively connect as fast as digital infrastructure becomes one of our greatest risks. It  divides people between those who have a chance to co--create any positively imaginable future and those who do not. That will cause worldwide (cyber)-wars that will be as bad and sad as the 20th c world wars. They will be far worse because what man integrates from ,local to global will be the opposite of mother nature's rules of species survival


It is worth considering how the conscious state of a nation depends on how communications , legislative and other professional monopolies including academics, and public servants design the valuation of markets in line with the peoples hierarchy of true needs. Consider as an example the relative needs people have for:
health service
livelihood education
happy and safe homes
financial services

Through the second half of the 20th century, statistical analysis of how american media disproportionately valued entertainment mixed with nightly reporting whose attention aimed addicted people to fearing each other locally. The subconscious state of the nation was diverted from the courageous heroism that saved Europeans (and the whole of the old world) from the tragedy of world wars. No amount of Donald Trump huffing and puffing about world trade will change worldwide millennials behaviours- they will not freely buy into today's american nightmare. Will IT be transformed back to the American Dream
worldclsasbrands,tv worldclassnations.com universityofstars.tv AIdemocracy.com
triple special issue of journal of marketing management 1999 on brand reality

to understand where the advertising agents subcobscious playbook took its first wrong turns towards fear and fakery  read ernest dichter- and help every teacher empower children to critically analyse the saddest bestseller on designing communications ever written - "positioning the battle for your mind" by trout and ries

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. It is also the name of the academic field of study which studies how to create computers and computer software that are capable of intelligent behavior.
To understand the urgent challenge of who's programming the artificial intelligences - americans with right or wrong stuff - there is a weird vocabulary of computer science to search which includes:
the artificials, the internet of things, G4, blockchain, quantum computers, virtual and augmented reality of senses and sensors, big data analysis, additive engineering or 3d design, cyber opportunities and threats -help us chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk add to this vocabulary as the digital world risks pre-empting the LoveQ of what real people communities can safely action learn and network

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