MOST EXCITING IDEA UNITING 100 UNIVERSITIES STUDENT UNIONS TO SUSTAIN HUMANS MACHINES & MOTHER NATURE Fortunately the worlds great educator sir fazle abed was already making 100 open universities of sustainable his 5th and final decade long mega-project in an extraordinary attempt to marry the women economics maps of ending povert with expanding middle clases with leapfrog tech partnerships that most empower worldwide youth to advance humanity.In 1984 co-authors of The 2025 Report included The Economist's Deputy Editor Norman Macrae. Our purpose to explore the Keynesian logic of why millennials with a trillion times moore tech than the moonshot generation - and urgently needing to be the first sustainability generation - would need a transformation in which education not economics is valued by all as the communal system which advances humanity.In the intervening 37 years, our friends have seen this view become exponentially more urgent - with covid just the most recent signal that humans have not yet applied remarkable technology leaps by von neumann and others in a way that values all lives matter. We do not see the UN's 2020s sdgs decade as just another media game but humanity's last call. Who's purposes with education give us hope in the 2020s of living up to neumanns (to 1957) and kennedy's (to 1963) valuation of youth. Examples:sir fazle abed to 2019 --- continuing fei-fei li in association with we aim to profile the events to link in your millennials be that by zoom or for real:eg yidan dec 2021
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Monday, December 31, 2018

*missing curricula/*missing loveq / *missing celebrations of youth/*missing cooperation spaces/hubs 
*missing cultural translations/*missing economic valuation of both youth and motherhood *missing timing at
each revolution in tech or media-
missing curricula  rsvp if you can he;p log up missing curricula links

1 2 dialogues on missing curricula as one of 7 crises of future of education started @ 1984 book on the 2025 report-

longest practice network began in new zealand  around Gordon Dryden in the 1980s at : by 1990s ten million books on this subject had been sold to chinese parents

our first interview on missing curricula with the head of a university : taddy blecher of mandela extranet and south africa's nearly free university was in 2006 - at that time his main college was called CIDA - it is now called maharishi -taddy married annie about 2010 who had led practices of maharsihi in rural china

 back in 2006 taddy and thousands of graduate cohorts out of south africa were looking for green curricula (including aquaponics, solar,  ) for rural graduates to take back to the heartland-

later at a norman macrae remembrance party after graduating 15000 alumni he told us that the had voted for the 4 most missing curricula - wiuch the college's students had to innovate - and which maharishi university now new to be missing at 7th grade which is when most south africans leave school:
maharishi consciousness curricula of love/believe in self
coding - which google africa had helped develop as a curricula
entrepreneurial literacy which richard branson had helped develop as a curricula
financial literacy which developing various online apps had turned into a peer to peer curricula

we are interested in cataloguing the world's leading nearly free universities- these

  • value students from non-privileged upbringings
  • dont put student in debt believing that students ;pay forward - those who become financially successful can later invest in the university - the social ones build the futures people need to sustain-
  •  moreover until the sustainability goals are embedded in education, nearly free universities require professors to study harder than students and empower the students to be teachers of fast changing technologies 



upsate July 2015- africa educators change the world chris macrae

  • - as well as maharishi, beijing's top puvlic servant universities operate in this way especially tsinghua which was reinvented in 1980s to be where the party members either learnt chinese capitalism or redesigned the future of public service- to of the first 5 wise education laureates are inter alia founders of universities valuing youth and particularly girls

other norman macrae remembrance parties -Economist Boardroom London;

two at University of Glasgow including Dr Yunus 70th birthday wish party launching journal of social business edited by Adam Smith scholars; two at Japan Embassy in Dhaka celebrating girls empowerment at  (sir fazle abed ) brac and bkash with Kamil Quadir - ask for more details or if you want to join alumni of Entrepreneurial Revolutions 52nd year of redesigning value chains around transforming education to celebrate poverty-ending small enterprise microfranchises and digital cooperation apps of sustainability tech wizards...

other missing peer to peer curricula
the lancet and australian professors tell us pre teens persona health espleciallyh for girls is tghe biggesyt missing curricula and it should anly be a peer to peer loutside classroom action learnikng network- this is especially important for gorls and anywhere that a place and youth need to deve;lop each lother

in 2018 china announced artifuicial intelogence is a missing curricula and that its introduction into primary schools is a leading priority for 2019 - there are about 15 outstaanding innovators of AI who value its application in teaching as a prioroty that we have so far cound- most are either chiense or value their connectiuons with people like jack ma 

other problems with curricula
10 times too costly - language cloureses are now 10 times too costly because peer to peer formats are motre efficient and more fun in revealing a diferent character than if you8 only speak one langiage- 

curricula misfocused - as some who obtained a ba honours disntinction in maths in 1972 i can tell you that if i had to study maths in amwrican schoo;s of 21st c i would have flunked - multipe choice text books are not the way to teach maths and the curricula is wrong in every way compared with what i studied and missing opportunities to make the new tech and maths rewarding to most students- fillay having studied enough about6 the schooling of von neumann and his [eers i can tell you there kis zero chnace of american schools every training such exeptional maths people again unless we tear up todays standarised text books

from japan in 1962 onwards, Economist alumni of tech's entreprenurial revolution can deduce: it is likely that the most urgent missing curricula vary round different neighbors of
eg china (below): or USA (here) or Russia (here.) or Britain and Geneva here or world record jobs creators

south asia with china represents more than half of the worlds people- mainly in either poverty or densely populated areas where girls have so far been 10 times less valued by education over centuries of problems caused mainly by british mercantile colonial era;

north and west of china people live in the most underpopulated lands often either land or arctic locked- they need livelihood solutions from drones, spaces and cooperation places like SCO, BRICS, canada, brazil also need; east of china our experience since considering youth olympics since 1964 shows uneven but extraordinary advances in AI and other application of technology which is now at a galazxy of tipping points between improving humanity or improving the lives of robots! -see also the next discussiion of loveq

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