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Saturday, June 11, 2016

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40th year of Entrepreneruial Revolution's 2 borderless mediation  challenges
1 next 3 billion jobs his survey Entrepreneurial Revolution 1976 first opened space for in The Economist 25 December 1976 (dad norman macrae)
2 his hypotheis that ending poverty wasnt the hardest challenge facing the 3 generations up to 2025 because of a deeper cultural crossroads of nature's borderless planet -humanity's sustainability would depend on empowering girls to end poverty and girls uniting global youth under 30s in replicable community sollutions to  sustainability goals linked into the 1% of the planet where half of millennials lived (map within 3000 miles of beijing) -iconoclast exercise discuss how a new breed of western macroeconomists 1946-1976 designed into law and bipolar party political systems (ending usa in trump versus clinton) the perfect system maths for devaluing world's poorest girls- look at whats markets and peoples work is counted in gdp - 

further details
below to connect with more context my father's 
 and friends' work as i understand it -first a few introductions
1 storytelling and system intervention mentors - harrison owen dc  open  space technology - john  caswell london structured visual thinking eg part 1 of genre of  amy's unmissable stories

3 john kiehl co-founder of NY broadways movie studio-sort of everyones mentor on future of coding, music and maths - and dianne everyone's connector of china's young architects designing UN cultures and NY society mentor on impacts of 3 generations (rooted to the kindest of the eldest)
al is turning baltimore into black youth's most exciting networks co-hacking and 1776 hubbing the whole regional supercity including DC -his june -july project is greatest technology summer camp young teenagers have ever experienced- early coaches include jayfus whose team entere xprize learning ; and king is trying to understand how deeply john mackeys conscious capitalism networks include black youth ( we attended various allied young entrepreneurs network summits)
billy 25 years of frendships between  youth of chinese and silicon valley -hubbed out of his home space stanford and valued by his profession architecture - one of the sponsors of 2015 child arts foundation icaf 3-day event on the elipse afjacent to the white house
-many people on circulation list doing huge things way I have spent lot of time linking amy know how to do-please add in descriptions of your most urgent projects if they may have a relation to POP s

emergung diary includes
this monday-wednesday world banks last youth summit
concepts to discuss - dubai june 24 ian ryder dubai meeting on future of girls mentoring networks led by the world's most successful business women; the new economics morality of marketing as seen by london city guilds; the ;potential resurgence of britains' engineering colleges like cranfield and imperial; what sort of support do  global IP companies need befoire and durong entry into china to sustain  long-term win-win trades celebrated by young china (note the british council has linked in 2000 young british business people exploring china with the same question in mind) 

June-July Rome's worldwide youth movements finalises nominations for 2016's 15th intergenerational community building world championship hosted by vatican university -organaation chart for 2016 

late july - first all ages debriefing between founders of 50000 global youth with 100000 microeducators www.brac.net and Home | bKash  Dhaka- footnote please help map back of novembers festival linking in
--------------------------------------------------- further future history references

1 Dad was mentored by Keynes – see last chapter of  General Theory.  “Increasingly  only economists lock in what futures a place’s people are free to spend their lives on – therefore as system designers the compound opportunity  and threat of economists
end poverty
end capital abuse of next generation

2 Dad had also spent his last days as teenager navigating airplanes over modern day Bangladesh and  Myanmar. He’s spent school holidays in  stalin’s Moscow and europena capitls being most devastated by coming of Hitler because  his dad was a british council. He also married the daughter  of the scottish lawyer sir kenneth kemp who  had spent 25 years meiuating Gandhi ultimately writing up the legalese of India’s Independence. So dad was interested in east-west development;peace; and found big political systems and their mass media terrifying as well as valueless. Dad actually met peter drucker at a dinner party my paternal granddad was hosting as briish consul -= drucker was about 10 years ahead in a life of experiences very similar to dad;s where childhoods had mixed with the same sorts of east europe cities that von neumann and other great mathematicians were cultivated by - see dads biography of von neumann soon to be republished as an ebook. All of drucker and dad's work has similar concepts but reported to ultimately very different audiences – eg co-working age , or who will own privatisation, or will te rush of globalisation be the best or worst thing humans ever did 

3 Dad’s life work was mainly written at The Economist 1948 to 1988, as well as a 10 year book tour around his 1984/1985 book on the next 40 years whose final update was in swedish.  . The Economist had been founded by Scot James Wilson 1843 (alumn of adam smith and french founder of term enetrepreneur jb say) . Specifically Wilson had gone done to London to be an MP that got rid of the majority of other MPS now ruled by vested interests and whose corn laws kiled millions of irish goving rise to start of terror movements. The Economist was started as his newsletter distributed at Royal Society of Arts and other open spaces in London where the empire’s bggest decision makers could be publicly debated on what futures are we all compounding. The good and bad news was queen Victoria became curious- could she rule over a commonwealth something different than slavemaking empire. So she sent James to Calcutta to try to reform raj  economics. There he died 9 months later of diarrhea.   (about 175 years later brac first scaled by being the social movement of coaching poorest village mothers to be the oral rehydration health service -saving the lives of one fourth of all infants in bangladesh turned village mothers from the world's poorest underclass into the greatest small family income generators) Just over 20 years later george soros funded these grassroots women networks to start the greatest experiment in that coding and universal connectivity of mobile could be designed round - a genre of good news stories whose jobenomics will determine human sustainability 2016-2025)

1976-2025 – the greatest communications revolution would compound human sustainability’s greatest opportunity and threat

4 Dad wrote Entrepreurial Revolution in 1976 after first 4 years of questioning what the consequences would be of an experiments with students testing online learning networks (my first job) at UK Natoinal Development Project for computer assisted learning.
Dad had seen 25 years of the two ways politicians and vested interests took  over mass tv to disadvantage of small enterprises and bottom-up  value chains and community building. So dad launhced the greatest challenge economist profession would ever face – mediating bottom up, open, exponential (not quarterly valuation analysis), intergenerational  sustainability – the exact opposite of mactroeconomiots top-down, closed-siloised, quarterly profiteering, war between the interests  of 3 generations that would determine human sustainability

5 this grand challenge of economists and maths (open system designers)  was mapped in terms of goals for next 3 billion jobs
billion renew planet

billion renew family and community (ie end poverty allover world- end knowledge not being distributed to  where locally most critical  to serve0

billion jobs of way above zero-sum mobile apps including leapfrogging missing infrastructures  that empire or industrial age had  only partially located ( leaving out more than half of the world’s people of 1976 from electricity grids, any form of telecommunications, running water and efficient sanitation, roads and other distribution channels0

6 what would happen  if chinese girls planted peaceful youth friendships and thriving economic open societies all over the world
For dad end poverty wasn’t quite the hardest goal – end Chinese  girl poverty was. Both global macroceononmics (eg no value to parenting) and extremely isolated rural cultures still with the life conditions that 99% of people lived at 1700 (eg only men can do manual work so womens only use is to  breed boys – ok this is an extreme summary of female suppression but what do you think the worst of dowry culture is sill about) or even worse recipes during 1960 great china famine for baby girl soup -part of how some countries 1970 produced more boys than girls

2016’s greatest experiments on valuing youths futures by youth

4 partways back from future of novmeber 2016 (alternative to us election)

what can WISE educators laureates summit at beijing do November 5

gycommunity.com (the first of various global youth community 50000 projects calling on innovations by the class og 2016-2017) what can dubai’s adoption of first wave of 100nyouth entrepreneur alumni ambassadors do (4 waves intended up to dubai expo 2020)’ dubai has appointed 22 year old female minister of youth-  how to help her design into the future of girls/youth into the expo

liberia reborn third time lucky afer  genocide and eboia  pan-african youth summit

hoped for Glasgow university re-review of adma smiths first 270 years of moral systems value  chain economics which also corresponds  to 175th year of The Economist’s Essence- who could most unite a roundtable of all bottom-up and open system designers who value girls livelihoods and are concerned about the half of the wporld’s population that live on 1% of the plabet within 3000 mile of  beijing

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