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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

E1 Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping - inviting over 11 of world's most trusted leaders to Belt Road summits and exchnages - what win-win trading belt road can your peopels be epicentre of and what help do you need from hi-trust partners of 17 gaols especially girls lift up half sky out of every community

leaders of china's public servant and 2017-2022 to charter of china end poverty by 2020, be benchmark ecocivilisation of world trade by 2050

ambassador to the fifth of world's youth who are colabratively grwoing fastest with the erst of the world's sustainability generation

explore Belt Road Imagine - BRI.school BRI.mba BRII.systems

personal leraning curve:
lived in remore chinaese vilage during last 5 yeras as a teen

in first alumni group of relaunch of tsinghua university as world's number 1 in (public) servant leaders

author of ideas OUT OF POVERTY since graduating in 1988 and starting roles as place leaders

ledaer of china since 2012  and Belt Road mapping (since 2013)

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