: Can you help girls co-create sustainability's 3 billion new jobs: renew every community, renew planet, humanise exponential impacts of 1000 times more commnstech than 1946 ? Most exciting times to be alive : Over next decade (3 generations – half of world being girls & boys under 30, their parents and grandparents) will determine whether human race is sustainable.
Do you see why education must change way beyond 300 hundred old classrooms to empower girls to explore far more than history can examine? NB by 1969 about 12 times more comstech had led a small network of men to race to the moon while almost half of girls were too poor to have access to electricity grids let alone any progress of 250 years of Industrial Revolution. Inspired by miraculous developments in China and Bangladesh, GirlsBeltRoad invites every community to celebrate going beyond win-lose era of colonisation and carbonisation. Diarise sustainability's urgent search for world record jobs creators; empower girls to lift up half the sky by transforming orbits of education and economies back to celebrating sutsainability of everyone. Recommendation listen to why China's richjest technologist values LoveQ then dare to play the WRJC game of fives with everyone you network with. Girls stories of goodwill's 7 social wonders in on : bankers, food workers, health servants, educators, hi-trust media designers, disaster relief connectors, public service. welcome to and

Thursday, November 26, 2015

thanks to Giving (Directly app'd as possible) and 10 Cheers to MichaelM's Blockbuster of human solutions to intergeneratinal sustainability

Though age etc make me one of the less relevant persons to do this I  thought i should quickly  lob discussion starter on michael moore film and its brooklyn youthful community builders celebrations on 9 December

3 sorts of queries came to my mind

do you have similar takeouts to mine listed below (italics are almost straight forward report from film to which i have sometimes added a query)

which are ones brooklyn might want to stimulate first in ongoing actions or open space- how does this relate to database of community ngos or student union clubs etc being invited to event

is there way of simplifying wording and positivism of headlines
Places (eg iceland) and organisations are financially and communally renewable when enough women are included in top level decision-making. One of youths most dynamic hubs on the US west coast is 500 women startups- does brooklyn need a similar movement?

America has a supreme history of constituting some of humanity's greatest laws - but over time the  rich seem to hire lawyers to disadvantage of the poor - discuss whether this is an issue in communities you care about, and if so constructive ways forward for your generation's mediation with rich elders

Finale 1 of film: Globally did american politicians facilitate what most american people would have  voted for as the fall of wall signified the end of communism as a  model for developing livelihoods of any nations people? Discuss. compare with China's last quarter of a century
In 1977 only a few months after the fall of the gang of four, The Economist's Norman Macrae wrote - what was in store for China was an end to boring ideology and a drive for economic growth. It did not make any difference whether the man carrying out this policy was Ping or Pong or Deng. The same is true in 1995. In recent interviews Singapore's Lee Kuan  ew shared this view:
The Chinese are not ordinary people you know. They are the products of a very self-conscious civiliisation. self-conscious because they know they once did it (led the world) and now they are out of the race, they must get back into the race

Finale 2 of film: Arguably ever increasing investment in technology has now created  tipping point of more possibilities for human change in the next 10 years than ever before. Discuss whether this relates to moore 's finale optimistic conclusion (signified by fall of Berlin Wall) that if you all cheerfully chisel relentlessly enough The Wall (or any conflict ) can disappear- and do you feel you have full access to change's greatest decade

Finale 3 of the film - Michael Moore almost seemed to surprise himself- many of the most socially inspiring ideas he traveled around the world to bring back to America were led by local people who said they had originally borrowed the idea's practical consequences from America . What do you make of this overall lesson for America's millennials?

Much of the second half of 20th century was  professionally ruled by increasing boundaries  (and academically expert disciplinary silos) between people. Discuss how this interacts with open technology flow as boundary-less. Do we have the intergenerational capacity to action learn fast enough to celebrate the opportunities of reduced degrees of separation or will the risks increasingly dominate freedom of being in any community

France's - school lunches are opportunity to appreciate health dividends of high quality food and a time to develop childs ability to open up smart social conversations with peers
Norway - children are more productive at learning if childhood is designed as a happy time by minimising homework and standard examination testing
Did the Free university culture of slovakia sound credible to you

As recently as 1970 , most us colleges were nearly free for students. Is there other evidence that policies in America have increasingly become  youth anti-social since 1970s, and if so why or how did this happen?

worldwide empowerment research  3 human majorities of the world's population - the poor, women, youth have less than 10% voice and resources in impacting what futures are designed even as technology's consequences for humanity have never accelerated as much change to society and sustainability as the next 10 years. Discuss what peaceful changes can be made first if youth collaborate across sustainable cities and communities - eg celebrating the UN's promise of Development Goal 11

10 Biggest issue i have missed
======================  chris macrae DC 240 316 8157 
When father and romano prodi launched Entrepreneurial Revolution in The Economist 1976 they used the song - if ten green bottles hanging on a wall should all accidentally fall there would be nothing (social or economic ) left at all
I wonder how to improve a range of 10 themes so that both elders and youth can find enough community-building ways in.. Could we ask students to reply with one minute videos if they either liked something very much in the film or feel that one issue was mst missed out. What would you call such a startup youtube channel out of Brooklyn  and to be twinned virally but positively with wherever film is actively shown next?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

This week we were updated on how partnerships in grand challenge entrepreneur hackathons are being organised by Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact at USAID. 
I believe there can
 be synergy with OAS and IADB competitions-  latin and central america's 2 continent  wide entrepreneur competitions 

BILLIONAIRE's COLLEGE for Latin America out of Silicon Valley
Other best news from october came from attending 

Blum Berkeley entrepreneurial "pitching" competition and confirmed
they will be at epicentre of clinton university in the spring. Fortunately the main mentors at this competition were founders of Give Directly- the world leading app in conditional cash transfer- originally Mexico's greatest unique contribution to development. At the IADB demand solutions summit in September, Blum said his other main priority of 2015-2016 is empathy curriculum

My friends Hiro  from Japan and Amy from china, ,
are returning to san diego next weekend for second time in a month. There are over 25000 Asian students
in the region so we want to see if there is a way to improve san diego
as collaboration crossroads of
latino milllennials
asian millennials
american millennials

Moreover with the exception of 2 relatively small colleges in maryland and brooklyn, san diego's 
catholic universities appear most interested in developing the unique end poverty curriculum that Pope Francis 
and Jim Kim 
have been advancing. Kim has edited future of cities report for China and is currently  coordinating future of health report for China

Earlier this week I was at a windsor castle bootcamp on UN sustainability goals 
and currently I am in Rome celebrating the latino economist the Vatican
trusts most to millennials goals and education

Regarding African and Chinese millennials we linkin around Yazmi elearning satellite owned by Ethiopian American Noah Samara in Silver Spring. We are also friends with job creating producers of the Mandela Extranet, and the Dubai 6000 youth exchange and theoir investment in MIT's development labs.

Its now 40 years since my father predicted in The Economist that Chinese millennials would be pivotal to the sustainability 
of the net generation. I believe my friends are now number 1 in USA in cataloguing every friendship network linking in chinese millennials..Amy is just back from Open Space Beijing - a social innovation transformation that my friend and neighbor  Harrison Owen has spent 10 years carefully planting so that the Chinese Establishment takes on social challenges- and sustainability goals -  with the energy that it has previously focused on financial growth.

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