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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Harrison crazy as i am spent longer writing this mail than wondrous lunch yesterday

I know you said health and time made dubai impossible place to stop over on way back from china later this month but due to mostofa (a bangladesh village young expatriate in dubai) global youth convention is also the biggest real space my family's kind of pro-youth people currently have permission to open but we dont have connections with any of your alumni  (are michael herman, romy shovelton, martin leith still among your most active) other than ones you help us linkin 

Amy's number 1 china-regional friend is song thanks to diane, christine and john who spend more time trying to get the un to value youth public spaces than anyone; focal leverage what mayors, royals and other collaboration  leaders of SD goal 11 sustainable cities and communities open up to youth

Amy can introduce many other female chinese millennials- eg tsinghua (chinas top university) september who we first met thanks to the 20th year of creative children network celebrated by 100 nations led by china outside white house every 4 years and iris who is placed to linkin youth good news journalists out of columbia university - i first met her at a un summit on goal 2 end hunger - the number 1 goal The Economist (help me hack the economist with 20 blogs each relevant to 21st c sustainability correspondents) was founded by scot james wilson in 1843 -brett's family (brett has created a sort of audio youtube for good news lessons- amy also knows my daughter isabella and our dream to reopen st marys college as the original 1633 open space of maryland and this time celebrate chinese female students who want to come to the space. St marys is also nancy's alma mater (maybe calvert fund could redeem itself and fund some of this)

John edits the most meaningful films in english speaking world owning the main sound studios for that in new york and boston- right now millennials can have fun with michael moore's new film; - in study of covering crisis spun by politicians michaels' latest film simply searches peoples most wonderful solutions- how could we viralise searchers of good news solutions;john also maintaiins with nancy the global arts compendium Music as a Global Resource compiles music projects used for therapy  johns friends joe host tedx near new york , teaches english to intl new yorkers and is as crazy about exponential valuation as peter and  i am

Bernardo work out of chile is being celebrated at vatican 7 november as the closest eductional economist yet found to the franciscan ideology of Preferential Option Poor which is also jim kims transformational analysis network (see his summit out of peru last weekend) - we ask that any friends of millennials sustainability update their summary of collaboration projects so that we can leave the good news behind with romes number 1 social lawyer who us bernardos number i local connector; inspired by bernardo dean rolle supported by other mew yorkers and chinese women millennials  aims to host historically back university students first invitation to work on suistainability goals around her brooklyn students in CUNY system early 2016

dianne's l;ast open space before rome is at windsor castle oct 2 to 4

on friday hiro amy and i meet while he flies in from tokyo at san diego. Hiro sponsors the most massive youth exchanges - CC20  20th year of creative children network saw him as asia's main sponsor. Mostofa's dubai  global youth convention wouldnt have happened without hiro and better yet hiros and toyotas mid east so-sponsors also sponsor all MIT most exciting mobiile innovation labs  -- hiros other great asian supporter at cc20 is william - he helped hiro and i convene 2 hour open space roundtable at stanford while hiro was taking day off from social innovation curricula there; william has spent 25 years connecting china and american west coast millennials after a career in architecture- stanford  also a key node of naila and www.amma.org wherever nanotechnology can innovate what big tech cant- and most of the greatest open learning channels have decamped from stanoird 10 minute train ride to mountain view- where chinese co-founder of coursera andrew ng now plots china's search strategies at baidu (which has a free lunch to what china youth can access due to ban of google and youtube in china)

on saturday hiro amy and i attend naila 's rehearsal of global empowerment summit www.alliance4devleopment.org out of san diego  - this united the last student opportunities in americas to apply what was started in 1996 as mobile apps most exciting alumni network - pr leader muhammad yunus, chief worker naila, chief mobile wizardry mit and legatum bank dubai, chief infrastructure norways telenor, chief funder open society george soros

on monday we walk round berkeley in case there is anyone to linkin- so amy may be a bit tired when hopefully she next meets you on dulles runway

all the best chris 
ps could you send me bookmark to chief host of dog shit open spaces?

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