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Monday, September 28, 2015

Last night Joe, Amy, Iris and I discussed the hidden agenda- sustainability crises are exponential valuation crises- ones that trigger waves of system collapses- learn from how dotcoms were all dependent on each others revenues so the few worst brought down almost all; sadly that learning didnt happen when it came to big banking so we now live in a decade of unnecessary jobs losses (wasted youth generations) and borderless wars come next 

 fathers last article on exponential economics written in 2008 after  lunch with muhammad yunus and 50 londoners http://www.erworld.tv/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/considerb1.pdf

With all the PR bugdets targeting UN sustainability goals its easy to forget to ask : are your biggest organisation 15 years behind where sustainability needs to be or worse 15 years exponentially down the wrong track

Right now volkswagen (epicentre of first 2 years of dr yunus social business summits) deserves to be a poster child for 15 years exponentially wring - using software to defraud societies int purchasing green that was the opposite

so here is a possible collaboration  solution that millennials in particular could get behind

create  sUs quality symbol
licence it to any and every corporation that makes minimum promises -ones which will by the sus alumni association be progressed every 2 years so that by 2030 they match achieving the goals -since world war 2 usa has only ever once developed an increased quality movement - ref baldrige benchmarking 1980s -old as that may be its all there if a nations biggest players are serious abut transformation all at the same time

what could be the minimum promises of  sus 2015-2107

dont do a vollkswagen unless you want all muhammad yunus poverty museum racers
16,813 members(3,034 new)  to turn on you as valueless

one or two promises women empowerment could declare 21st C freedom to love  www.alliance4empowerment.org 

I have worked most of my life on whats the purpose-reality of the worlds biggest brand leaders- if netgen can viralise demand for such a symbol then anyone in a mad avenue or a walled street can pitch ad agencies and segment the low trust from  the hi-trust

The 64 trillion dollar question would seem to be why isnt the United Nations already launching this if it truly believe this week starts the greatest transformation in its history and its future -the youth envy at the UN could be a particularly critical job in this but currently isnt -lets hope the next female un secretary general knows enough abut education and media partnerships to fix this

===can you dream up and other possible ways forward -blg with alumni of welcome to home of Biggest Change Month

iris if you can find a small group of like minded students why not a quiet roundtable on this -how can such roundtables spread across universities with pro-youth journalism departments- and can we catch jack ma's eye as main chinese women empowerment sponsor by selecting under 30 chinese females as leaders of these student societies as well as leaders of mountain views main hub

noah if you were to value a sustainability goals channel on yazmi why nt start with a trailer advertisement calling youth and teachers who want to lead study of this

hackathns - why not have a sister symbol  to sus licensed to hubs that
 join in hackathons in sustainability goal solutions mediated by millennials the way jim kim has requested The GG Book of World Record Job Creators  www.economisthubs.com 

open spaces if or when you next meet harrison owen cnvener of 5000
people meetings that start movements - why not ask if he can
improve on ideas like these - very useful if you chat to him before his calling to Beijing at the end of october

map your own mad mad world of investing 4000 times more in everythings interconnected but not valuing such intergeneratinal investment in open sustainability let alone open society  Institute for New Economic Thinking 

help us debate ther ways to play the system of UN sustainability millennials

brands depend hugely on youth perception - why shouldnt youth rebel none of the largest no n prfits arund the glbe having been fifa's wrld cup of frauds

the idea of 17 goals of sustainability is mentally ridiculous - in the sense that there will be very few apart from lobbyists  in public realtions remembering half of them - the brain doesnt recall long lists- however lets play this - celebrate the hows of which goals are further ahead or more youth collaborative than others and ask why cant the other goals  alumni learn from these goals

set up a competition between the richest women in america and china- take sector like fashion= why shouldnt the richest set example of being most responsible www.fashion4development.com - do you really want your image patronised by factories that collapse killing a thousand girls and maiming many thousand more

in 1999 i edited triple issue of journal of marketing management on biggest 20th c mistakes in marketing- interestingly when i presented this at eg harvard they said the time ( bush rulership) wasnt right to get any academic funding for going beyond these media errors; is now the right time??; its quite easy me ot get the attention of any guru professor of branding if young people will choose what they want to all joyfully link in -

so i really hope that within next 2 years there are on demand mooc on each sustainability goals updated with cases youth supply-blums global poverty curriculum launched out of berkeley has promised such youth creation of develpment cases; clinton university next lands in berkeley - lets make the road to berkeley the road to youth mediating suistainable media; and twin this with other roads like that to quito october 2016 on goal 11 safer cities

its also possible to unsiliose UN in cities- so rome is epicentre of UN's 3 big food networks but inspite of ifad leader saying nice things to youth on saturday UN hi-level meet, i found out this last time last year that ifad people dont even speak to rome's  nobel peace youth laureate people nor club of rome green and as for either knowing where to help youth who value the pope's system designs, a 2 hour discussion on that almost brought tears to a cardinals eyes - thats why the main vatican inspired prze in eucatoin in 2016 is searching for who does most in satelllite open learning as media of sustainability

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