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Sunday, September 27, 2015

first round up of how youth can make sure that popes presence in new york is more than 48 hour wonder and sustained t 2030

send your ideas to isabella@unacnwledgedgiant.cm

Great meeting you at UN event goal 2  zero hunger; great that you are graduate at columbia university at the Journalism School

My father was a journalist - archives here 
online library of norman macrae-- his predictions on china as epicentre of sustainable net generation started about 1975 - this explains why i try and linkin crazy network projects - i wonder if you would like to join friends  in some of them or tell us of a crazy one of yours 

Fans and ALUMNI OF CHINESE 20-30 year old women who save the world's sustainability by 2030
william chinese american retired architect living in stanford who has promoted chinese-us student friendships for 25 years;  and hiro tokyo were main sponsors and energisers of 20th festival celebrating creative children - International Child Art Foundation - harnessing children's imaginations for positive social change - 4 years earlier Yuxuan was most connected chinese teenager of this event network and she has just graduated from tsingua university in languages; ruiying is a languages alumni of beijng university and william! currently working n mountain views main learning platforms

 50 nations spent week before independence on the mall in the dc with 1000 children -china was main international delegation - hence i deduce there are lots of chinese parents who share the popes view that the family is the main intergenerational investor- the west lost this idea around 1970 just when coming globalisation needed it valued most - hence in the west it needs someone like the pope to be not just reported for 72 hours but to be accessible as a schools curriculum

project 1 survey what are the other top 20 pro-youth curriculum that a satellite like www.yazmi.com could be beaming down so peer to peer training could be joyfully actioned wherever communities thrive

project 2 can the worldwide alumni group of chinese women age 20 to 30 linkin to mediate all the sustainability development goals relentlessly until these flows a sources of good jobs for millennials -if so can they link in with corresponding bangladeshi and Kerala-UNAI led movement www.alliance4development.org  starting its US roadshow in 2 weeks time and tomorrows main first ladies event in new york www.fashion4development.com 

project 3 where are the hubs that chinese women age 20 to 30 can happily coach open source technologists on vital apps and replicate solution and apps across communities  -jonathan and leslie know or have founded 100+ hubs- leslie knows where young african  technologists want to hackathon open source solutions; jonathan is doing things like turning the UK guardian newspaper into an intercity host of social events teenagers need to be most inspired by; emeka hosts massive maker faires in africa and in new york (eg running today at flushing)- he like many of us sees MIT as the only pro-youth metahub in the usa worthy of berners lee's purpose as architects of 21st Century

john kiehl runs the new york sound studios that any serious hollywood director uses to finish off sound editing - an alumn of MIT he therefore glides effortlessly through opinion leader circles where these might help new yorkers re-examine sustainability -peter helped me start hosting crazy new york youth cafes from 2008- at the time we thought that muhammad yunus www.yunus10000.com    http://yunuscity.ning.com  seriously wanted to change economists- bernardo in chile has been building tke curriculum resolving conflicts between the pope and economists for about 15 years out of chile and across partnering universities were CUNY is the latest one to be queueing up to join in; noah owns elearning satellites and ranga (who used to work for past india president Kalam) is his chief content generator' nancy coaches how to turn your dream into a reality and not a nightmare

today starts the second visit of amy (alizee chen qian) to usa to connect these sorts of projects and study how to teach languages to empower young people to connect
her friend mostofa is starting 2 year project run by sultans in dubai on what can 6000 youth dialogue ; taddy blecher is one of mostofas chief mentors; he graduated 15000 underprivileged teenagers in south africa - and their curriculum now rock 7th graders whyo want to co-create jobs through their teens amyworldfirstblecheratyazmibysamara

Iris i would invite you and amy to whats app- see if a meeting is possible- i am only useful for making lists of hundreds of people who might support 20-30 year chinese women alumni save the world once you have clarified what missing support you all need

chris  www.economistuniversity.com   dc mobile and whatsapp  240 316 8157
anyhow iris if i am "too crazy for you" but you see someone sensible above write them about your work - if we dont have youth journalising (socially activating) their own sustainability goals NOW then we dont have media worth a cent and in a world that has spent 4000 times more n media that is utterly unsustainable http://rowp.tv/id93.html  -and both morally and economically disgusting

Love Learning linkin group

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