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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yes it is a huge puzzle to me how the idea that every parent loves of creative children got so interpersonally disinvested in by all of our cultures just as the huge digital architecture multipliers of spending 4000 times more on borderless communications technologies put sustainability goals (what jobs would millennials need to perform them) at a tipping point

apart from recommending how to viralise joyful chinese female millennials like Amy

my only unique use is to analyse what spun off course with the world's largest brand identities and leadership messages - which has been my area of professional work at the world's biggest ad agencies and accounting firms as people like peter burgess, john caswell, jack yan, tim kitchin, gordon dryden can verify

I tried very hard to linkin with china youth networks the last 2 months but have got to get back to the chaos from european mother tongues to end of september after which if chinese friends feel there is anything i can help mediate please tell me where to be

Opportunities before september 23
Exponential Risks before 23 september
Clarify editing processes for youth's 5 billion people satellite (asia and africa) ; south america women presidents help re-hook americas youth satellite

Streamline africa diaspora ihubs model in such a way that west and east coast china diaspora help free creative children back at home

Stream learning modules from mandela's country of how university of 15000 disadvantaged youth and 1 million job creating 7th graders is a change of education system worth piloting now in any pro-youth nation
Europe's border policies now worse in 2015 than they were in 1915 - how West needs to unlearn from the 5 riskiest B's : Basle, Brussels, Berlin, Blair, Bush

China's stockmarket heads to one third of its peak

Sale of The Economist Scots  last globalisation media platform of end hunger and end capital abuse of youth

Preferred pro-youth news stories

Pope at DC congress 23 Sept - actually lagarde Europe's sell off of youth now 10 times worse than last year's speech in strasbourg on a continent designed round the mores of infertile haggard grandmothers. Only good news from our mother tongues- in spanish: cuba and peru's health systems; haiti's french with a bit of Irish underdog networking culture out of Boston

at UN on 25th- yes your sustainability goals best chance depends on electing as secretary general one of the two women who understands which academic partners UN needs to mobilse women4empowerment and youth's freedom and happiness

at fashion4development NY 28 september- start satellite streaming of amma's way ahead reuniting of science and consciousness of spirit beginning with good news for health from nanotechnology- and anything green

29 september at dc west-coast, east-coast , latin american summit what youth should socially demand from rest oi year and particular next week as world bank and IMF assemble in Peru

after oct 10 - get back to what china creative youth can linkin next now that china has its own satellites and has headunted chinese expatriate from mountain view's coursera to baidu

History Refs
43 years of my father's work on net generation sustainability starts at The Economist after seeing my firtst employer's experiment- UK National Development Project Computer Assisted Leaning 1972
dec 2014 UN text on greatest change year- maps of sustainability goals 17 deadline networks at amychina.net

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