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Sunday, June 14, 2015

elearning satellite profile of taddy blecher as a world record job creator

=====early draft from World Record Book of Job Creation- but may help when DC people like Noah meet you to understand why you life goals for Africa closely win-win; nb this week saw the first african diaspora event staged inside world bank
From: Noah Samara <yazmi.com> To: chris macrae <chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk> Cc: naila@women4empowerment.org 
Sent: Saturday, 6 June 2015, 13:49
Subject: Fwd: youth africa jobs challenge - are we winning or losing? 60% of unemployed in africa are youth Re: taddy there are once in a lifetime processes in usa up to july 7 that would make meeting between you and naila (and maybe others) before then most valuable
Can you send me material giving detailed background regarding Taddy's organization? A little background on the organization, what inspired its founding, what they do and how they do it and current status would be great to have as soon as possible to prepare for the July meeting. 

The simplest game of world record book of job creation:
..get 2 people, at least one of whom is a millennial, to vote for 12 world record job creators (who are alive today making it possible for alumni to action learn and network with them)
...then ask the 2 players to merge their votes noting where nominees roles are closely associated with another - an optimal game maps 12 different win-win collaboration networks to job create around not just 12 most heroic people however similar their job creating knowledge -ie any champion nominee opens societies to valuing a map of wonderfully joyful integrators of millennial sustainability

For example one of our favorite nominations is Taddy Blecher whom Nelson Mandela trusted to linking in partners in a race to change South African education so that young millennials themselves lead in job creation.  Taddy's partners include : Google Africa, Richard Branson, Maharishi, Jeff Skoll ... so if your own votes include one of these people your map is already one click away from all of these world record job creators.

Taddy Blecher - Mandela Extranet - Google Africa (open tech), Richard Branson (youth entrepreneurship), Maharishi (helping a young adult rediscover their unique self even if they were orphaned or abused through childhood), Jeff Skoll (the first ceo of ebay (borderless peoples win-win world trades -now growing 4 times faster thru chinese trust in ali baba than west coast usa) who has since devoted his billions to celebrating hardest global social innovation questions including   blockbuster films exposing greatest risks and inconvenient truths) - partners in peer to peer alumni networks of missing curricula of jobs creating education, transformed by and with historically underprivileged youth

Jargon note: in this book we use the word millennials to be those whose productive training and livelihoods will have the most impact on #2030now kim OR francis - Google Search ie between 2016 and 2030 when the final two doublings of worldwide communications spend go up from 1000  to 4000 times those of 1946 (see attached), 

In other words, millennials from the gamechanging era if historians in 2100 can look back and say that net generation sustained humanity. We suggest viewing millennials as anyone in 2015 aged between 8 and 35. Note that world record job creators helping millennials most will usually be older bringing their life's work to bear but yes if you see someone under 35 as already being a top 12 world record job creator in your culture- that's one of the ongoing searches this game value most. Reports welcomed- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

It is projected that by 2035, over 40% of people of working age will be in China or Africa. So now would be a good time for people in majority old countries to be trusted in intergenerational investment in skills of African children. Africa started the 21st century with the highest proportions of orphans due to such late 20th century killer diseases as AIDS. Therefore job creating investments in orphan connected networks are particularly worth celebrating wherever you are aiming to help with African job creation.

Our favorite case of banking on orphans livelihoods is Jamii Bora (founded in Kenya by Ingrid Munro) started in Kenyan slums 1999 as the world's first microcredit to mobile automate its transactions and built around livelihoods for huge families where the remaining parent of grandparent was often caring for many orphans. Kenya has become the world's epicentre of mobile (cashless except last mile) banking and womens empowerment- whether it would have had the regulations that enabled this without Jamii Bora's and Micro-loans in Africa pioneering connections is a moot question

Another extraordinary case is where the founder of an Indian orphanage has scaled sustainable growth by offering what has become seen as an optimal primary (6 to 10 year olds) curriculum for financial literacy -see Aflatoun whose curriculum is now shared across nearly 100 developing countries

Another case is Amma. She first became famous as a faith healer by hugging millions of the poorest people on earth and listening consciously to their problems. One of the people she hugged was an elderly man who had become desperate because he had run out of finance for his orphanage, and would soon have to turn the children out into the streets. Amma took over the orphanage, made it a thriving success, but also started building a college around it - see what Amma University is up to now - including prime time at UN celebrations of womens empowerment 8 July 2015

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