MOST EXCITING IDEA UNITING 100 UNIVERSITIES STUDENT UNIONS TO SUSTAIN HUMANS MACHINES & MOTHER NATURE Fortunately the worlds great educator sir fazle abed was already making 100 open universities of sustainable his 5th and final decade long mega-project in an extraordinary attempt to marry the women economics maps of ending povert with expanding middle clases with leapfrog tech partnerships that most empower worldwide youth to advance humanity.In 1984 co-authors of The 2025 Report included The Economist's Deputy Editor Norman Macrae. Our purpose to explore the Keynesian logic of why millennials with a trillion times moore tech than the moonshot generation - and urgently needing to be the first sustainability generation - would need a transformation in which education not economics is valued by all as the communal system which advances humanity.In the intervening 37 years, our friends have seen this view become exponentially more urgent - with covid just the most recent signal that humans have not yet applied remarkable technology leaps by von neumann and others in a way that values all lives matter. We do not see the UN's 2020s sdgs decade as just another media game but humanity's last call. Who's purposes with education give us hope in the 2020s of living up to neumanns (to 1957) and kennedy's (to 1963) valuation of youth. Examples:sir fazle abed to 2019 --- continuing fei-fei li in association with we aim to profile the events to link in your millennials be that by zoom or for real:eg yidan dec 2021
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

we look at new unicors (billion dollar ventures) here - which of these are micro moon races wort6h putting thousands of youth brains on- which few have unique to world purpose which are aiming to sell out or leverage connections at cusp of next 100 fold G multipliers

3G decade  innovation ecosystems most powerful venture networks How do you 1 search 2 market 3 chat 4 wizard 5 smartapp
W1 Google valley Brin
W2 Amazon seattle Bezos
W3 Facebook valley Zuck
W4 Microsoft seattle Gates
W5 Apple...valley Jobs &
E1 Baidu Beijing Robin Li
E2 Alibaba Hangzhou Jack Ma (& Yang valley , Masa So Tokyo)
E3 Tencent Shenzen-HK Pony Ma & Yidan HK
E4 Huawei Shenzen-HK Ren Zhengfei
E5 Xaiomi. Beijing Lei Jun

W1 what most valuable big data due to owning mobile op system and gps tracking; what to do with 2019 launch of billion times faster computing than ever seen before
w2 what are impacts of progressively end shopping malls and big box retails; what do cloud service platforms offer; what can space research do
w3 how do you make big money out of politics
w4 how do you train tech wizards and hub what
w5 how do you own music apps; whats entertainment's big money app of each new mobile device

 e1 how do you develop smart cities
e2 how do you maximise community livelihoods with logistics big data ; how do you fintech; what else changes with big data small clouds ; how go you develop sdgs and DAMO AI
e3 what can people do when connected with smartest way to communicate; how to fintech ; how do you develop sdgs
e4 how do you empower tech wizards; whats the engineering consequences of moore anakysis and connectivity -how do you develop sdgs in 50 countries 5G AI IOT 3d 5augmented senses
e5 are there other value multiplying apps than just entertainment

Shenzen DJI 75% of world drone market  (huge applications in agriculture and largest nations by land not commonly reported in west europe's countries nor usa where space entrepreneur research stunted by military and gov)

Big City not represented above - richest billionaires or connectors

New York Bloomberg, Schwarzman -global scholars
 Beijing cultures; chinaese youth friendships as pivot to changing world
Boston AI;
Oxford Ethics-t will be vacant plot within the university’s Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, which already features Herzog & de Meuron’s Blavatnik School of Government and a Mathematics Institute by Rafael Viñoly.
Beijing Tsinghua world 1 metahub- reporter Kai Fu-Lee and schwarzman scholars
Boston MIT networks and schwarzman scholars
DC now Bezos HQ 2
San Diego founder qualcomm
LA ?
Additionally Valley Gordon Moore Intel;  Jerry Yang (Yahoo connector Ma and Maso Clouds) Musk

DC Region Case originally AOL now revolution including 1776 hubs dc va=-amazon region ny brooklyn-san fran; dubai
Shanghai Team Fosun (Chinese Keiretsu?) , world;s number 1 superport
Seoul Chaebol led by Samsung
Tokyo Keirestu ,various robotics and smart engineering/city
Hong Kong Ka-Shing university hubs to beijing NY, HK Yidan, HK UN robotics Hanson
Singapore University (asean 10-win cultures)
Indonesia first unicorn founder appointed by widodo education minister
Nordica - various 5G components
UAE - dubai engineering superport
Qatar - U and refugee education hub
Dhaka - BRAC U - bkash -girls livelihood economic development goal1 world leading ngo partnership
Malaysia Asia EWTP
Rwanda Africa EWTP and contunets medical teaching hospital
Ghana Africa's new university paradigm
Kenya Africa Ihub ushahidi paradigm

London nature broadcasting attenborough and royal ecosociety partners
Cambridge Arm 5g chips owned by Masa Son Japan
Taiwan Foxcom Industry electronics ; chip industry
Geneva Schwab IR4 world summits branched to nw un week and china summer summit with 3 IR4 metahubs Beijing -Tokyo-San Francisco
Geneva ITU  (sdg maps of billionaire mobile franchise owners across nations) alongside uctad who wto etc

Sectors fashions founder uniqlo japan zara spain
foods- functional ajinomoto - japan;   value chain knowledge mackey austin texas but now proprietary to amazon?

India =probably has its own version of keiretsu  (ie up to 10 corporates whose combines india vision 2030  - also nilekani branched from telecentres to social consequences of worlds largest digital id

Israel hi-tech hubs- partners quite hard to map round world
Moscow hi-tech hubs

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