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Monday, December 31, 1984

 a life in day of education ai

imagine if every youth owned their dashboard of skills aquired- no more monopoly by university of certifying who';s livelihood or co-creativity ready for what

in this post we adapt american notation - a life in day begins with what pre school you get to age 5 roughly speaking add 6 to grades 0 to 12 where grade 0 is also known as kindergaten then 4 year college is grade 13 to 16

in america k-5 are primary schools 6-8 middle 7-12 high but why is it sequenced like this

basucally from grade 6 up most children world benefit from apprenticeships more thanbeing examined in classrooms- this goes for arts music, sports, coding, trade skills- what the sdg generation needs is twofold

safe communities to practice last mile service in

lifelong learning so if you dont do all of 6th grade to 12th grade in sequence you have free scxhooling when you need it

once most people have been freed from standard examine, the role of 11th, 12th grade becomes different- it can be a bridge to what type of university and study specialities connect with your unique flow

around the world there are some examples of all of above but not enough - in fact the old system is such that half of youth will be unemployable unless we changed it- we first discussed timelines of this in 2025 report.com published in 1984, with different language versions- last update of this book swedish 1993; since 2007 things have been debated in more and more places which have recognised that in 21st c there wont be employers waiting to hire most youth whatever age they leave the education system- most youth will need financial and entrepreneurial literacy to build community start ups and to celebrate humanising ai- thee isnt a job we can think of that wont either be enhanced by ai or replaced by machines - eg futureoflife.org

what could the role of the mooc invented in 2008 have been- instead of universities using mooc to advertise themselves- most content could have been open sourced while educating turned to mentoring and engaging students and civic interfaces

this mooc summary to 2014 is reasonably complete; wat we needed was a new univeresity coalition movement - a debate asia's number 1 educaror/sdg connector fazle abed hosted with asian ambassadors and western friends like soros/gates since 2011- glasgow adam smith scholars have tried to journalise all the above at josb.city since 2010

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