Headlines : while individual vice chancellors may differ: since Unesco's 2021 publication of education is broken- University leaders must take responsibility. Overall white G* Universities pose the biggest problem to sustainability Generation. Those maximising collaboration with younger half of world include partners of University of Billion poorest village mothers and ai researchers most connected with UN University system with special thanks to Guterres leadership and Japan. EconomistUniversity.com connects notes begun by Keynesian students 1945 continued from 1951 when Economist journalists were taught by Von Neumann in the most exciting journalist scoop: ask leaders what they will do with 100 times more tech per decade that's a million times :Moore: per 30 year generation

Wednesday, December 19, 1984

future of education - counting back from 2025 report by norman and chris macrae -1984
chapter  on future of edu - linked chapters

new zealand world's first lab for real and digital edu www.thelearninggeneration.net - gordon dryden
new zealand book bought by 10 million chinese families mid 1990s

1990 after training village women to be their own community health businesses, food security businesses, bankers faze abed starts crating up to 100000 schools 40000 primary, 30000 pre-primary -and internationally from 2001 including teenage livelihood clubs and brac uni

back from future
2020 global virus week 12
Provide a candid, positive discussion about education to better understand how, as individuals, we can make a difference for the future.  Our goal is to explore how our current experience will result in a change in the roles, tools, and delivery of education now and for the future.

Episode 1

No Turning Back
April 10, 2020
Will this Pandemic be one of these moments of dramatic change in behavior?

How might this be a game-changer for education?

Will this forge a stronger global perspective on education and technology?


“Which school districts will take the bold step of leading and helping to rethink our education system to focus on what we ultimately want for our students?”  Michael B. Horn  Mar 26, 2020
Infographic - The History and Future of Distance Learning
"3 Tips For A Better Online Student Experience". Thomas Arnett, March 17, 2020.  https://www.christenseninstitute.org/blog/3-tips-for-a-better-student-online-learning-experience/?_sft_topics=higher-education
xStudent 2.0 - Students as Self-directed Learners with Steve Hargadon (2:00:00 PM US-Eastern Daylight Time). This is a hosted conversation.http://www.stevehargadon.com/
april free month at engineering online https://www.pluralsight.com/

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