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Saturday, December 29, 1984

dual language schools and other livesmatter education experimemts out of brooklyn barclona bangladesh ...

hi marta- lot happing on music side of arts for sdgs- can we do another 3pm zoom 1 with china in next week and 2 with fabrice- whats your diary like in terms of school year planning and access to internet- i would like to know of the 10+ pitches on sdgs your students made, are any going forward through the whole school year- sept 15 to 30 is the best time to zoom year long youth contributions to sdgs - we can probably get your school event registered on main unguide which at least 30000 people subscribe to online- i also wonder what is chance of doing survey of other nternational schools to zoom a coalition

shelf-5 essential community markets of livesmatter - Safety, Health, Education , Loveq (ie community's professonals =servant leaders nor rulers by power over people) Finance
more on VEST HERE 
 V smith101.jpg VEST 45-60
 E 0G 70S
 S 2G
 T 4G 
 5G 20S
 Uniiting livesmatter of machines & 7.5 billions humans

university coalitions main community-rising triangulariser private public youth- only road to transforing next 3 to 500 years - see gates on years 3 to 7- see abed quotes on unis only msan made institutionsustaining gens across centuries-but sine 1964 toykyo olympics first sat broadcast- how will unis belnd real and virtual- tele-edu tele-commute tele-health efinance- how do we sustain sports/arts as value chains led by younger half of world -see economistsports.net
how do we value smart mobile as first bidg data device of all 7.5 billion- will it be eg used to distribute vaccines and life critical info to botom not just top people- how does this connect with bretton woods system designs of uniting nations - tokyo started win-win trades using deming /borlaug first with east coat isles and penisular - then china turning point see economis survey 1977 - curriculum ezra vogel, peter drucker- how to sustain two thirds of humans wh are asian, 15% african 5% latin south - all left out of g6 north west empire models of designing trade- cf adams 3 big queries 1760 when he and james watt at glasgow u started up the new new world of humans and machines
Nature's bottom up and open systems integrated
- see also einstein on threats caused by macro science of man 
 Infrastucture how global village trade changes with ships trains cars planes as well as each moorte's law leap - 100 fold moore each 5g to 0g decade- challenge half of must valuable graduate learning changes every 5 years during millennials growth as first sdg generation - first timre man stops externalizing risks onto nature- 360 degree professions not 90 day extraction
Tech of coms and comp- 100 times moore multipliers each decade 70s to 20s 
 Energy go green
Sports/arts/sdgs valuing heroes youth needs to celebrate most 

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