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Saturday, September 25, 1982

teachers stage collab festival during 12 last start of un syear seot 2018

 - i am not going to have time to participate live in GLC - but if you see anything on the agenda which you either know is a solution or which you will make time to search please tell us so we can input it next fortnight into brac and jack ma's professors debate on changing the future of educators until the values youth's livelihoods especially girls sustainability

if you do find anything - or indeed if you have one item you wish people had included please send it to mostofa and song as they are charged with making sure english and chinese brac-ma participants all start with same level of curiosity and joy

best chris

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Subject: Starting! Global Collaboration Week (UPDATED Listings)

Students, teachers, and organizations will get online to celebrate global collaboration this coming week (September 17-21) as back-to-school season begins in the northern hemisphere.

During Global Collaboration Week, experienced global educators and other professionals design and host connective projects and events and invite public participation. The primary goals of this online event are to demonstrate the power of global connectivity in classrooms, schools, institutions of informal learning and universities around the world, and to introduce others to the tools, resources, projects, and networks that are available to educators today.

This is an opportunity for educators new to globally connected teaching and learning to participate in virtual activities designed by more experienced teachers. It's also a great way for educators running ongoing global projects to find project partners! We (Lucy Gray + Steve Hargadon, co-chairs of the Global Education Conference) are the calendar coordinators but not the direct conveners: that is, over 1000 people from 83 countries will participate in independently-planned events which we have then organized into a directory and in special calendars to allow these events to be seen in any time zone in the world.

This fourth-annual Global Collaboration event is a huge worldwide demonstration of the power of globally-connected learning. We encourage you to browse the event directory or the calendar and choose a compelling event to attend! Read directions and our website carefully to prepare. current list of the events is at the bottom of this post, but use the links below because new events will be added and others may change).
    Here are some important links for you to keep handy:

    Special thanks to Qatar Foundation International and TakingITGlobal, our sponsors this year!

    See you online,

    Lucy and Steve



    Saturday, September 15
    • 5:30pm Alternative Assessment techniques on Moodle
    Sunday, September 16
    • 12:00am Flood of Love
    • 12:00pm Storytelling with Data and Visualization in Education: Semiotics and Multicultural Perspective

    ALL WEEK (September 17 - 21)
    • Flipping Over Classroom Walls with Flipgrid! (participate all week)
    • #ONEDAY Global Collaboration (participate all week)
    • Back-to-School Traditions Around the World (participate all week)
    • Classroom Conversations with the World (participate all week)
    • Concrete Innovation for waste minimization (participate all week)
    • Global Greetings (participate all week)
    • Global Reading Connections (participate all week)
    • K-12 Global Art Exchange (participate all week)
    • Meet. Connect. Explore. (participate all week)
    • the dot (participate all week)


    Monday, September 17

    • 2:00am Talking Kites around the world
    • 6:00am How Can WEDO transform your classroom?
    • 9:30am French Connect: Parlez avec nous en français ou en anglais
    • 11:00pm IVECA International Virtual Schooling
    Tuesday, September 18
    • 7:00am Learn about this FREE Virtual Exchange program
    • 8:00am Back-to-School Traditions Around the World
    • 9:00am Virtual interactive lesson tour, make code and use new devices
    • 9:00am YES Alumni Webinar - Gender Equality for Social Change
    • 12:00pm The Global Classroom
    • 2:30pm Global Connections for Higher Education
    • 6:30pm Global Outdoors Learning Opportunities Building Engagement for Higher Education
    • 7:00pm Learn about this FREE Virtual Exchange program
    Wednesday, September 19
    • 11:00am IVECA International Virtual Schooling
    • 12:00pm A look into Innovative T&L practice with FlipGrid
    • 4:00pm Exposure to diverse backgrounds and beliefs through multi-country facilitated virtual exchanges
    • 5:00pm Terra Connect EDU: Using Google Tour Builder to Connect Globally
    Thursday, September 20
    • 12:00am Concrete Innovation for Waste Minimization (participate all week)
    • 9:00am iEARN Project Book Launch and Film Premiere
    • 9:00am The Mighty Pen - PenPal Project
    • 11:00am Teaching with Global Popular Culture
    • 1:00pm Karaoke – Global Sing Along
    • 2:00pm Life is a bowl of cherries – Typical Foods
    • 3:00pm All about South Africa
    • 4:00pm IVECA International Virtual Schooling
    • 4:00pm My Hobbies – Pastimes around the globe
    • 5:00pm Idioms – When language and Culture hit it off
    • 5:00pm QFI: Introduction to our FREE Virtual Exchange Course
    • 6:00pm Travel broadens the mind
    • 7:00pm Mystery Call and Cultural Fair
    • 8:00pm #Globaledchat: Building a Culture of Global Education
    • 8:00pm Loss of Agricultural Lands: A Threat to the World
    Friday, September 21
    • 3:00pm STEM2STEM Pen Pal Letters
      Visit The Global Education Conference Network at: http://www.globaleducationconference.org/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

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