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Wednesday, January 11, 1984

could i talk to someone at skoll- i want to share some info- about 16 years ago i bought the set of 6 videographies on global social entrepreneurs- i had never heard of fazle abed- greatest lesson of my life- i have since been from washington dc to bangladesh 15 times- before his death fazle shared notes on brac university partners being his legacy- as you probably know brac is the largest ngo partnership and on both health and mobile experiments soros as early as 1996 funded helped bangladesh leaps- today the soros osun university network has at least 4 main branches for 2020s - brac out of asia, ceu vienna linking gca.org of ban ki moon, new york musicians and arts bard university, online arizona state retirement project of intel's craig barrett, and ashesi ghana- question is do you have any choices to linkin? if you need any intro at asian/bangladesh end of this global uni of ending poverty i know who sir fazle appointed- although my father norman macrae shared lot of ideas with soros in 1980s i have no direct contact there but i assume you can - i understand from bill drayton that he branded term social entrepreneur after reading dads entrepreneurial revolution the economist 1976

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