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Sunday, December 31, 1972

since observing a uk version of khan academy in 1972...

youth worldwide elearning agenda update year 44 month 56

elearning africa in addis ababa has happened - what learning agendas like clean energy ethioipa wants to be world epicentre of or not? the whole country's sustainability has already been bet on this so it better become youths number 1 learning collaboration centre

modslities of elearning - radio, video, ... is it possible to document one best of example for each of the main modes of yazmi as main sponsor of elearning africa for last 2 years--one example i am aware that women4empowerment says satellite radio weekly casting is indispensable to Joywo in Kenya but i am not clear if that case is live yet

subjects putting elearning at crossroads of millennials sustainability year 2015

3a community health care the most relevant topic in world as far as jim kim's life is concerned-such a serious failure not yo have already connected that I wonder why any major potential shareholder would ever consider yazmi if we fail this year -anyone who doesnt understand this deadline doesnt understand paul farmer's social innovation deadlines which is something any friend of mine cannot afford to breach

3b worldwide peace curricula by which i mean peace as its taught be geopolitically by separated nations doesnt help youth especially girls; peace as its linked in by worldwide trust figures ought to be yazmi prime time if yazmi is to be in top 3 elearning platforms because it before all goodwill cultures (the pop agenda of 30 interfaith leaders the pope has asked t meet off camera)

3c friends have brainstormed several compelling reasons why every youth with a future should demand a chinese-english corner accessible 24/7- ie whichever of these 2 language as as well as their own national one they should be helped practice in every way- one example is imagine if the outlet isnt schools but youth themselves in chinese-english collaboration cafes; the youth could meet at the cafes and have a next module stimulus beamed down by yazmi but practice together or skype with a twin cafe in the other language- potentially this content needs distributing in both satellite and mobile wi-fi mode

whats not needed is huge content first - whats needed is promise to youth that yazmi will linkin everyone prepared to help this goal;  IDEA 3c has a june 29 deadline- is yazmi committed to it or not?- we have access to many hundred chinese families and teachers on mall in dc june 30 to july 4 if yazmi is committed to it- this is a once in a dc lifetime opportunity

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