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Monday, January 31, 1972

january 1972 -future histiory starting 44th year of the curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution

Pattern rules of economics designed to develop all of places' peoples

0 Pattern rules emerged in architecture as practical open system findings that have been seen so often that it is best to design them into a building's blueprint unless in a specific cases a transparent reason for overruling the pattern is signed by the architect. For example people thrive in buildings which optimise access to windows and natural light.

1 Economists rule over what future is possible for a places peoples
2 What you measure isnt only what you behaviorally get but what exponentially compounds (goodwill or badwill of a culture both within its territory of origin and across borders)
2 There are 2 segments of economists: those whose goal  is to exponentially sustain next generation's livelihoods and those with another goal
3 You can tell who's economics who by whether an economist accepts the hippocratic oath of ending poverty - that is relentlessly searching to end systems that contain traps of a segment of the populace from birth into next to no chance of healthy livelihood development
4 To be socially  true to most parent's commitment to seeing their next generation freed by more opportunities than their own generation, capital needs to be structured so that family's savings sustain tis bottom-up design rule out of every community

Pro-youth Pattern rule 4 would need to be core of the human quest for transforming economics very foundations as the post-industrial revolution started up in 1946, This era of unprecedented innovation is characterised by a doubling budget on global village communications infrastructures every 7 years. To navigate this greatest of all communications revolutions in human productivity The Economist coined the curriculum of entrepreneurial revolution from 1972 - a time when  the preceding 7 years  first in the world - eg moon landing, satellites, silicon chips and open learning network experiments  -made it clear that spends on death of distance infrastructures would conitnue doubling to 2030. The 64 trillion dolar question of ER emerged : Would pro-youth economists peacefully and sustainably mediate the world while this biggest ever gamble of 4000 times more spent on open system transformation exponentially rushed forward around the human race

These development economic pattern rules were diarised repeatedly in the The Economist's first 150 years. The paper had been founded by a Scot James Wilson to mediate end of hunger and end of capital abuse of youth by severely questioning leaders from 1843 onwards out of London then the world's epicentre of industrial revolution One other notable source is Keynes and the period 1933 to 1943. They hoped that the coming of world war 2 would be seen as the peak of ignorant nations designed around power of extracting from other nations those resources on which industrial growth's zero-sum game spun. By the 1930s, somewhat under half of the world's populace had started enjoying anywhere up to 200 times more wealth and health than subsistence levels prior to industrial revolution, while the rest of the world's peoples were trapped without the energy and other infrastructures needed to develop beyond subsistence. In spite of world war 2 being at a peak, 1943 saw The Economist publish in book form a centenary biography -the most educated reference to what socially actionable economics had discovered through the era of industrial revolution

James was an alumni of Adam Smith's moral imperatives and interpreted markets as only free when they multiplied trust of those who produced as well as those who demanded. An international banking scam of the early 1700 had caused scotlands to become a failed nation with the result that it was colonised by London. A place whose peoples had led Europe in its budget allocations to education became a development wilderness. Over half of Scots had to emigrate by 1943 to find livelihoods. This also made Scotland one of the first diaspora nation with a majority of Scots living in worldwide networks outside of scotland

Ironically for Optimistic rationalist James W,  Queen Victoiria preferred the ideal of commonwealth to slave-making empire and posted him to Calcutta to reform Raj economics. There he died 9 months into the project of diarrhea- -it was to take nearly a century and a quarter for a calcutta laboratory to innovate the life saving and virtually free cure of oral rehydration and the BRAC curriculum of how world's poorest vilage mothers develop a nation to liberate OR knowhow through womens social networking. Meanwhile James' Son in Law continued editing The English constitution with the goal of reforming the most vicious  system spiral of top-down empire. It was tpo be as late as 1906 that the bar of london trained barrister Mahatma Gandhi's experinces in India and Sooth Africa that revealed the whole truth that neither the empires laws nor its educational systems could sustain its colonised peoples future livelihoods. Ironically after world war 1 much of the East but not India )and not Africa) was to celebrate Keynsian pro-youth livelihood economics

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