Happy 2023 from friiends of #ed3learning everywhere & ED && Ed3EN...... 6 years after serving as teen allied bomber command burma, dad norman macrae met von neumann

Tuesday, August 25, 1970

... .....soros supported zooms- brooklyn microcollege - great open debate;; inet usually administered in narrowest way -pity as has access to transformative economist ;

0 brookings 1 varies
- interesting city series via pipa - eg how different places varies on corona

.....legatum-mit events - interesting but frequency unclear - other mit still searching

.. startupgrind potentially cool with up t0 800 city hosts ..hope that wise will do bimonthly large summits- will next on take place in june................

loveq education-IQ,EQ,LQ Ma's 3 metrics of Industrial Rev 1,2,leap 4
World Record Jobs Creators Game of Fives.

Xi Jinping _

ABOUT chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Linkedin Unwomens Washington DC
My father (Norman Macrae The Economist www.normanmacrae.net) and I have written and researched future livelihood and sustainability impacts of education since our 1984 book The 2025 Report. Research in over 40 countries suggests the West's rich nations are not going to lead the changes under 30s need to be the sustainable generation. Instead China and the peoples of the South Asian coast will play a defining role in what's possible as they value half of human beings digital as well as real cooperation Since the time of the moon landing all my father's journalism at The Economist and elsewhere was based on the hypothesis that the 2020s would mobilise over 2000-4000 times more communications tech than 1946. Through such unprecedented change, Sustainability would depend on education not media applications of this tech. GDP macroeconomics completely misvalues parenting and many values women love most about life. I am currently updating The 2025 Report and would particularly enjoy interviewing anyone who believes the next few years will be make or break for leapfroging with edutech. even more than fintech For example as artificial intelligence enters the classroom what will happen if we don't value education's social consequences in every community more than western big finance currently does? How will we ever be in time to tear up old non-sustainable curricula if AI is unable to value recursion as much as human creativity and emotional intelligence can?
China Belt
Roads www & Girls lift ub Half world

Antonio Guterres- Mediator of goals timelines –eg at most urgent borders

Sir Fazle Abed- practice connector
pre- to post- digital of poorest girls 7 most vital dev markets united by
jobs-led education – see 80th birthday BRAC birthday card

Jack Ma

Loveq tech and SME-designed global

Pope Francis – cultural translator
of sustainability’s servant leaders networks including POP and PYP


How China chose to come out to the world after Nixon’s 1972 visit to China based on the groundwork by Henry Kissinger

Bangladesh how the world’s poorest village women developed this 100+ million nation from the second year of its birth - more at womenuni.comsocialbusiness.tvQuarterBillionGirls.com

Timelines system transformation valuing first 40 years of worldwide web generation - launched & updated 1972 @ The Economist curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution

2017 saw the launch by china and the UN of global 2.0 -
can we make sure we never forget worst examples of global 1.0
as we unite youth opportunities
to be the sustainability generation?
no more andersen accounting.............

no more news of the world

no more hollywood for male predators

no more
no more lehmans and subprime banking

no more,
no more maxwell, parmalat, ...
no more fifa house of red cards...........

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  • welcome to #learninggeneration a way above zero sum game- lets celebrate wherever solutions come from as long as they help celebrate improvement in jobs led education - in 2007 i spent xmas in bangladesh -the first of 12 visits to interview muhammad yunus; i didnt expect to spend the next decade fi

    picture this amy and pro-youth/girls mediators

    go to a summit on a korean island

    hosted by 10 investment banking people jinping has chosen including 1 brit who have been ordered to find (host annual open space directed toward attracting) tens of trillion dollars of mi
    dear amy/pres ira (physicians IGC Internet -- The Progressive Community ) / friends of peaceful economies


    picture this amy and pro-youth/girls mediators

    go to a summit on a korean island

    hosted by 10 investment banking people jinping has chosen including 1 brit who h
    Brics Networked University - China declaration 2017; news global summit 1 2 // sco nu

    exxon?..mad avenue? teachers union usa 1 versus 2


    online library of norman macrae--.

    global brands will fall @FIFA house of red cards. Tipping next? Mobile pay

    help us profile what to search from :
    education summits valuing youth most
    wise qatar; beijing; madrid -unique WISE networks:
    conference communities

    brookings- annual scaling; annual girls edu; annual debrief goal 4 with unesco 15 report series

    and world record job creators interactions with education
    jack ma
    sir fazle abed
    gandhi family and loveq schools
    shannon may and loveq open online learning

    some ma videos
    Youth Intelligence Net: YIN on Jack MA
    UNlearn9/16ChinaCo-MissionMa,and 30 national leaders launch greatest #LearningGeneration

    G20 Summit 2016: What Jack Ma(Ma Yun) Say About Host City Hangzhousearch history of Jack Ma in Ali Baba's newly acquired South China Morning Post 2/17 alibabauni partner upd: Ma & Morley Scholarship Program / The University of Newcastle, Australia

    1/17 video of Jack Ma commitment of 1 million USA jobs mainly (mid-West) SME Pres-Elect Trump

    1/17 video of world economics F interviewing Jack Ma

    ../16 video jack ma on 20 years of innovating english language education and social world trade

    Understanding exponential reporting needed for development economics and banking for the poorest (see 20th c validations of this analysis type at archives of The Economist's Norman Macrae or blog with us economistuniversity.com on why ChinaCapitalism is the only one left linkin in global under 30s to achieving sustainability). Actually the heroes of China Capitalism are people like Jack Ma and human technolgues like BlockChain who have worked out that China cannot sustain development of its people with sustaining development of all global youth so lets celebrate how freedom and happiness for all 7.5 billion peoples are have passed tipping point of being connected not geographically separated -did you notice climate agreement was signed Hangzhou 2016 -now it needs to be blochchained

    1 IN SEARCH OF LOVEQ EDUCATION What thrives today out of The Union West Baltimore appears to have scaled in 20th century first around
  • Gandhi-Montessori - 25 years lof redesigning schooling systems ultimately convinced my granddad that he better write up legalese of india's independence with gandhi; anyway go to the biggest school in the world city montessori lucknow to verify
  • ;
  • ideas for loveq education then surfaced in 1960s latin america around paulo freire- sadly that never scaled much in the americas but
  • ..was adopted by BRAC to empower poorest village women to build (from 1971) Bangladesh
  • a radical student duo at harvard then started building loveq medical exchanges with haiti and peru - today farmer leads PIH and Kim leads world bank
  • ; in south africa where gandhi worked for 2 decades friends of mandela extranet have linkedin a loveq nearly free university coordinated by Taddy Blecher and valuing Maharishi version of oriental spirit (also try studying tao, zen, or confucian ways)
  • - rsvp if you see loveq world record job creatrs blossoming near you (or any of the other top 10 WRJC)

    Collaboration students and leaders of job creation for net generation can enjoy linking in to 2 greatest learning spaces -

    china (6
    Jack Ma , 7 Jinping)

    bangladesh (5 sir fazle, 4 Yunus) ...

    lessons accelerate through four industrial revolutions made visible by 9 Tim Berners Lee worldwide web..

    old rich countries drowning in diusmal media most need help celebrating job creation with East which 8 Jim Kim and 3 George Soros are wonderful mediators of;

    the revolutions critical for net generation to sustain planet and our species future move away from just consuming things to growing people; this requires transforamtion of education that professional monopolies are blocking- 3 types of ways beyond this:

    10 LOVEQ studying schools that love children enough to take on every change;

    1 open spacing 5000 people communities at a time

    2 celebrating those scaling open source learning

    recent additions at UNION Cybercentre W Baltimore"

    a 3d printing lab with friends like the inventor of etextiles

    Exponential Entrepreneurs use 7 year "back from future" goal analysis- because when it comes to systemic impacts of change- more innovation always happens than conventional professions can model in 7 years; whereas less often happens in 3 years


    1982 concept proof-testing of brac and grameen microfrachises and microfinance nearly proven
    1989......banagladeshi microfinance scaling fast and bbest rural social networking bank ever- grameen starts to offer international advice however its not grounded in same micr-infrastructures as bangladeshi microcredit- worldwide webs begins
    1996...non-smart mobile phones first tested in vilages for leapfrog potential ; in usa ecommerce main case amazon then ebay- jack ma's visiit to west conast plats much more revolutionary job creating idea ofwww to take bank to china
    2003...yunus experiments with microsolar great - hand in hand with village telephone ladies (sort of mobile yellow pages); over next 7 yeras bangladesh misses mpesa style revolution; china starts to scale www as gteatest job craeting platform with ali baba ecommerce and other 2 big internet companies-msart phiones start to emerge
    2010...bangladesh's brac adpats mpesa and becomes development world's largest cashless bank; however alibaba is now developing alipay and forming blochian coding partensrships for the poorest- wherever smartphones are a populations universal connect, ali baba systems are becncmark for ending poverty and job creating value chains
    2017jim kim starts his second 5 years term at world bank- anyone who deosnt unerstand ali baba model and tech of ending poverty is unlikely to help youth race to sustainability goals - don tapscot video 2016-blockchain gives us anopther kick at the chain of value or transcript - unrivalled by anything since the internet itself began (2012 transcript value open)

    diary: hackathons
    In 1977 only a few months after the fall of the gang of four, The Economist's Norman Macrae wrote - what was in store for China was an end to boring ideology and a drive for economic growth. It did not make any difference whether the man carrying out this policy was Ping or Pong or Deng. The same is true in 1995. In recent interviews Singapore's Lee Kuan ew shared this view:
    The Chinese are not ordinary people you know. They are the products of a very self-conscious civiliisation. self-conscious because they know they once did it (led the world) and now they are out of the race, they must get back into the race

    2016 Diary of Millennial Sustainability Exchanges - add one isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com

    Brooklyn: & Moores Million youth social solutions world January; & Kenya 28 January; Brooklyn & Baltimore & Boston & Berkeley NY quarter 1; Brooklyn, Vatican and Chile (year round)

    Baltimore and DC
    Dhaka and Beijing


    join our co-editors at http://openspacetech.blogspot.com if you wish to celebrate sustainability goals empowered by youthful community builders

    download practice of peace chaps 1,2 by harrison owen found open space

    bio sources include 1


    Can Your 3 Generations help sustain the planet- about ours?
    1972 as i postgraduated in statistics specialised in global village communications after a 4 year experiment: UK's predecessor to khan academy ; & dad, Norman Macrae, The Economist's end-poverty mediator, started to quiz every leader under the sun on how to invest in entrepreneurial revolution needed for millennials to sustain planet and every community's peoples..J.W.C.B....Af....Am..Y.P........DaughtersDay.....our storyline valuing youth assumes sustainability goals depend on changing every teacher's curriculum.Join us starting outside white house independence week 2015 ..more at amychina.net june30 worldscreative children=; worldbank-Aug 12 open tech wizards>; 23 sept pope francis- withlima oct5-11
    celebrating heroes of creative children at linkin

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